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  • Ctrl Oil Foam
    Sometimes oil begins to foam on heating to deepfry and rises dangerously in the pan. To dissipate the foam add a marble sized ball of tamarind to the oil.
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  • Undressing Order
    Patient: Doctor, I have a problem with my throat.
    Doctor: Go into the next room and undress. I'll be there in a minute.
    Patient: But, doctor, it's only my throat!
    Doctor: Do as I say. Just get into the next room and undress.
    So the patient went in and undressed. While he was sitting there in his shorts, he looked around. He saw another man sitting there in his shorts also, but with a big package in his hands. Intrigued the patient tried to make conversation with the other man.
    Patient: Can you believe that doctor! I have a problem with my throat and he orders me to undress!
    Other man: Why are you complaining? I only came here to deliver a package.
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  • In the middle ages, a pound of currency was literally a pound of silver in weight.
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