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Stubborn Child ?

When one becomes a parent besides happiness there are many challenges also. It is like signing a contract that allows for some 21 years of parenting issues. There is clash of desires begins that lasts throughout childhood and the teen years.

Children Are Simply Born with Mind of Their Own. Some children are more stubborn than others. All children display stubborn behavior at some time or the other. Stubbornness can have a range of causes. It may vary from unreasonable fears to resistance to change. Sometimes it becomes very embarrassing situation at some occasions. At that, time parents react with anger, as they feel that their child's behavior is a challenge to their authority. However, they do not realize that anger only adds fuel to the fire.

In these situations, parents need to be keep patience. First, they have to understand the root of their children's stubbornness. They must think calmly. With proper knowledge and understanding, they can turn these times into enjoyable periods. They have to change their perception regarding child's behavior and must adopt a cool and calm behavior.

Here are some tips that may help:

Do not view stubbornness as a negative trait, but look upon it more positively. A child's stubbornness may be his way of demonstrating that he can think for himself and he can assert his thoughts and beliefs.

If the issue is not serious, there is no harm negotiating with your child and arriving at a compromise.

Do not over react. Instead of shouting, explain your point of view, calmly to your child.

Sometimes the best way to handle disrespectful behavior is to discuss it with your child. Talks to your child after both of you have a chance to cool off.

Identify the problem and to find a solution involve your child. In this way, he will not treat you as enemy.

To avoid conflict if you want your child to do something, do not interrupt him while he is doing something.

Show respectful behavior: Give your child respect. Our upbringing makes us equate respect with fear.

Be firm when asking your child to do something. You are not asking them for a favour. Also, make clear the consequences of disobedience.

One of the best ways to demonstrate respect is to be both kind and firm in your discipline. Being kind shows respect for your child and being firm shows respect for what needs to be done.

Keep in mind that your requests should be reasonable.

Do not forget to praise your child when she is cooperative and well behaved.

Stubborn children feel like someone has to win and someone has to lose. For this type of situation a win-win solution is best. Respond to your child's demands. Tell him his parents also want to win. Can he think of a solution that works for both?

When parents feel the situation is worse. Do the Unexpected things like going for a treat. It is not a reward for his bad behavior but to reestablish their relationship with their child.

See the world through their eyes

Besides these tips, you have to remember that patience is very important. If you lose patience, you cannot manage your stubborn child.

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