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Why does Career hold a distinction in your life?

Life is not based on a single aspect such as Gadgets or Fame or Wealth or Beauty or Status. Instead, Life is a holistic phenomenon in which all elements mingle in an interlinked fashion.

If a person lacks, or even thinks they lack in a single aspect, it could affect all other aspects as well. For example, if a person thinks that since they do not have a glowing fair skin complexion, they are not a part of the ‘in’ crowd. While this might not necessarily be the case, it is very much attributed to such perceived factors.

Instead, if the person focuses on what they really like about themselves, they tend to view life more positively.

However, there is one aspect of everyone’s life which does affect all the rest aspects, and that is your JOB. Just look around you, you are sure to point the people who are stuck in their dead end jobs. The frustration of their job then spills over to their relationships, their peace of mind and basically their entire lives.

What is the most common thing about the people who have truly succeeded at what they do? They LOVE what they do. If John Nash did not love mathematics, he would never have cracked that Nash Equilibrium, or if Dhirubhai Ambani did not enjoy the nuances of handling the business, there would not be a Reliance, or if Sharukh Khan did not love acting, he would not be the Badshah of Bollywood.

You do not have to get fame to prove you have a good job, but you do need Job Satisfaction to lead a happy and successful life. For that, getting a Job that you really love, is the key. The reason that your Job holds an important and distinct identity in your life is two pronged:

One is, God has created every person in this world with brilliance in some sphere(s) or the other. And hence every one of us truly deserves the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in our area of brilliance. A rewarding career is one in which a person can find commensurate monetary rewards as well as opportunities to evolve as a better human being. I would like to call this career option as a Dream Job.

The second point is, a stable & commensurately paying JOB wields considerable influence on other aspects of one's life. Job exerts influence on a person's Health, Wealth, Lifestyle, Happy Marriage, Family Stability, Neighborhood, Essential &(or) Luxurious Life’s accessories, Opportunities for his Offspring, so on and so forth.

A Job in a Great Company and in the field that you are passionate about, is something which is robust to that extent that it can make non-existent things happen or wreck things that already exist.

“As a child, we all are born with overflowing enthusiasm and exuberance. We lose it somewhere in the course of life by being stuck at a place we don’t belong.”

- Unknown

Get an Interview Call from Your Dream Company!


In my total of 15 years of mainstream experience span, comprising a good mix of working with a Fortune 500 MNC giant (with templated systems & processes), India’s most vibrant E-commerce start-up brand (that wanted me to set-up processes from scratch) & finally starting up my own Mobile App venture (where I was looking for talents to join), I have spelt out in this book all the techniques that I have personally tried and tested out. Also, I am sharing in this book some real examples of how they actually worked for me.

Besides, I am also depicting some valuable insights derived from a survey that I undertook to corroborate the methodologies being discussed, comprising respondents ranging from a wide array of industry, functionality & vintage spectrum.

While I have covered some nuances of job hunting pertaining to even the regular job space expanse, I have laid special emphasis for start-ups in the form of several examples & illustrations that I have made use of in the book.

In a nutshell, this book will talk about how to break through the cluttered world of Million CVs and see beyond the thick walls of Corporate hiring!

Check out the explainer video of the book - https://youtu.be/1xkep7b2yhg

It’s a light read, comprising of 80 Pages and is available in all major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon (http://www.amazon.in/dp/938612646X), Flipkart, eBay, Shop Clues, etc.,

About the Author:

A brief about me – I am an INSEAD (SG) alumnus, who is lucky enough to have worked across diverse industry verticals and functional domains. I have played pivotal roles in building businesses from scratch, that also includes hiring several talented individuals from open market to rally around the core cause and help in building a sustainable venture. In this whole scheme of things, I have also got successfully chosen for the Job – the positioning that I did for myself using all of the techniques I have elaborated in the book! To discover more about me; visit – www.ramprasadr.com

URL: http://www.ramprasadr.com/

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