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To remove black stains in cooker or vessels, add a small piece of lemon and 1/2 cup water. Heat for few minutes and wash immediately.
Put the brinjal(eggplants) pieces or peeled smoked brinjal in water for around 10 mins. Discard the water. This removes any bitter taste from them.
Puri dough should be made little harder than chapathi dough. This prevents puri from retaining more oil when it is deep fried. Also once dough is prepared, make the puri immediately.
While cooking pulav in kadai (i mean not using cooker), do not mix the ingredients frequently, if u mix it, the rice becomes paste. So after 10-15 min of cooking, just open the lid and have a look. If you feel it is cooked, gently mix the contents once or twice.
For Perfect rice in Pulav: While cooking pulav, wash the rice in water and spread it on a cloth or paper for drying. Leave it for around 15-30 min. This makes the rice grains separate.
While cooking potatoes, Cut them into half and add a pinch of turmeric. This makes the potatoes cook faster.
Reduce intake of sugars and simple carbohydrates Take wholegrain foods wherever possible (eg brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholemeal flour, instead of refined starchy foods) and boost your fibre intake!
Try steaming or lightly stir-frying your vegetable to retain vitamins and antioxidants.
Buy oils which are low in saturated fats.
Relaxing Eyes: You can massage the skin below your eyes with almond oil using your ring finger without giving much pressure.
Its very simple to reduce the darkness on the skin/face. Mix almond powder, sugar, milk cream and lemon juice together and use as a scrub.Scrub your face, neck & hands.
For Chapped Hands:Wash hands, pat dry and apply vinegar diluted in a little water and put on a pair of soft gloves. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water and pat it dry.
For soften elbows rub with the peel of lemon for every three days.
Trim your nails after a bath or shower as it makes them softer and will result in a more even cut.
Massage your cuticles with a good quality moisturizing cream or vaseline. This will improve blood circulation around the nails and also prevents brittle nails.
Using warm mustard or coconut oil, massage your scalp regularly to prevent premature greying.
Black tea is very effective for treating premature greying of hair. Simply boil tea leaves and cool it down. Strain the tea water and apply it on the scalp and leave it for an hour. Rinse with cold water without the use of shmpoo.
Mix almond oil with lemon juice and apply it on hair using your fingertips. This will retard the process of greying of hair.
A perfect remedy for early greying of hair, including curry leaves in your diet will bring back lost pigment to your hair.
For Young Look: Avoid taking alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
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