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Significance of Shoonya

The term "Shoonya" translates to "emptiness" or more accurately, "nothingness." It can also be expressed as "no-thingness," implying a realm beyond physical reality. In essence, Shoonya is a state of non-action. However, simply instructing someone to "do nothing" can drive them insane. Therefore, to navigate this state, a support system is required. In the practice of Shoonya meditation, a mantra or sound serves as this anchor. This sound is a rope that one can hold onto when the vastness of nothingness becomes overwhelming. It is a specific sound that guides the individual through the journey of nothingness and into the realm of pure potentiality.

Like in your personal opinion, you are the most important life in this creation. In your family structure, you are one of the important lives. In the city, you may be somewhat important, but they can do without you. In the nation, you are a person of very small importance – if you are gone, no one will notice. In the world, you are an even tinier piece of life. In the cosmic space, you are almost non-existent. Even if you do not think about it consciously – somewhere deep down, everyone knows this. That is why all the bravado, all the decoration, all the accumulation – because in some way, there is a desperation to make yourself a substantial life.

All our endeavors, whether pursuing wealth, money, ego, education, or family, are essentially attempts to establish our worth as a meaningful life. However, the reality is that every atom in our body is 99% empty space, just as 99% of the universe is also empty. This nothingness, which serves as the source of creation, pulsates within us in every cell of our body. If we can experience this truth, it will transform our way of living. In pursuit of this realization, many historical figures, including kings, Gautama Buddha, and Shiva, chose to live as beggars. They discovered something that required no ornamentation or enlargement of any kind. It is the same essence that fills the entire cosmos. As I sit here now, this completeness exists in and of itself.

In general, this aspect of life requires significant preparation, but nowadays, people are only willing to devote a minimal amount of time to it. This is the predicament of being a Guru in the twenty-first century. As the essence of nothingness is present in every atom and cell of the body, we encapsulate Shoonya into a meditation, much like a Shoonya pill. I am using a bit of humor here to emphasize that the way most people go about life is absurd. Despite being minuscule in the grand scheme of existence, many individuals prioritize their homes, families, possessions, and material belongings, even to the point of fighting for them until their dying day. Sadly, they only come to realize the insignificance of these pursuits in the face of death. Even when I tried to explain this to them during their lives, they were not interested. It is unfortunate that for most people, it takes death to awaken their senses.

Imagine scoring 99 percent in an exam - you would likely feel elated and ignore the one percent that you missed. Now, consider that 99 percent is Shoonya, or emptiness, and the remaining one percent is creation. In Shoonya meditation, you set aside the one percent and revel in the 99 percent that you have been neglecting until now - a truly absurd oversight. Pursuing fullness has only brought frustration, as we compare ourselves to others and feel lacking if someone has a fuller pocket, granary, or heart. That is why we introduce a new game where winning is guaranteed, since emptiness is easier than fullness.

There are different types of mantras. A familiar one is AUM, which becomes powerful when spoken loudly and clearly. Beeja mantras, on the other hand, are pure sounds without meaning. Beeja means "seed," and like a seed, it needs proper care to sprout and grow. Your job is to create the right conditions, like how soil needs moisture, and the seed will naturally do what it needs to do. With Shoonya meditation, if you handle it correctly, it will grow into a magnificent tree and bear fruit.

Shoonya Means Beyond the Nature

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499 of 970 people found the following review helpful:

   Significance of Shoonya "No-Thingness", Sep 08 2023
Reviewer: Suguna

"I wholeheartedly agree with the previous review regarding the concept of 'Shoonya' or 'no-thingness.' It is truly captivating and enriching to gain knowledge through articles of this kind."

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473 of 926 people found the following review helpful:

   Shoonya one of the best practice I imbibed with blessings from Guru, Aug 30 2023
Reviewer: AP

I wish all of you taste this no-thingness

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587 of 1201 people found the following review helpful:

   meditate state, May 05 2023
Reviewer: Suguna

Shoonya state is very high to reach it. It requires good practice.

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