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The seeds of money plant are grounded and used as a flour for baking dishes.


Each branch of a money plant has 5 leaves which grow 12 inches long. They are bright green in colour and shiny too.


According to a study, left-handers have a shorter life span than right-handers.


Lefties can clearly see the world Submerged


Left handers are More likely to pursue creative careers


Left handed college graduates go ahead to turn into 26% wealthier than right handed graduates


It is believed that during the pushkaram time the Godavari water possesses holy powers and taking a holy dip in this water will enhance one's spiritual, mental and physical abilities. Its is also said that Gods come down to take bath in the holy river during the Pushkarams.


Dreamers who are awakened right after REM sleep, are able to recall their dreams more vividly than those who slept through the night until morning.


If you are snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.


Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They do not appear in their own dreams until the age of 3 or 4.


Being too warm at night can trigger nightmares. Experts suggest the reason for this is because heat triggers the body's fight-or-flight response, a mechanism linked to survival and heightened anxiety/anticipation.


People who stay up late are more likely to have nightmares compare to those who go to bed early.


Fear is not the most common emotion in a nightmare; rather, confusion, guilt and sadness are most common. What's more, these emotions tend to stick with you longer than if your dream is fear-based.


Dreams are the mind's way of making sense of the random signals that occur during REM sleep when proteins are being made.


Cauliflower is a member of the cancer-fighting cruciferous family of vegetables


Cauliflower is actually a flower that hasn't fully developed yet.


About once every 19 years, the month of February does not have a full moon. The years when this happens, also have two full moons in two different months. This phenomenon will occur next in 2018.


Germany was the first country to implement DST. Clocks there were first turned forward at 11:00 p.m. (23:00) on April 30, 1916.


Tiger sharks travel thousand miles to find dates


In the Congo, the marriages are taken seriously as the bride and groom are not allowed to smile throughout the entire ceremony.

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