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The day is what we make of it, not what others will make of it for us. Unknown


People who ask for trouble usually get it. Susan Gale


I jumped from star to star searching for it when it was beside me all along. breezy prabahar


Learning is preparing ourselves for a lifetime of unforeseen exams. Adrian McGinn


Like a sprouting flower seed my love for you will be. Blooming in every time of year only for you too see. breezy prabahar


I want a little sugar In my bowl I want a little sweetness down in my soul. Abhi


The more you will invest your intense feelings, the more intensely feelings will hurt.shivangi lavaniya


Take advantage of losing your job by making it an opportunity to find a better one.Hassan Choughari


When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don't get to decide that you didn't. Unknown


Don't use or think the word 'try'before an event, only after, if you have to, 'tried'Joseph Cubby


Allow yourself the Freedom to Fail before you see Success Sail! RVM


Distances do matters when the other person does not cares.shivangi lavaniya


The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. read somewhere


Every human in any point is within itself a mask holder. Ehsan Sehgal


There is not elevator to success, it is step by step, don't mistake yourself thinking that a university is an elevator. Joseph Cubby


A woman or her brain does not choose the man she falls in love with. Her heart does. This is why sometimes women fall for men society considers losers. kisstopher707


Since the day I was born, Is the day my mother won. A mother who gives birth is born again, Because she is a MOTHER she lives in vain. Randhir kaur


The souls of some people shine so bright,
that even their shadows bath us
in light. Unknown


Be tough! find ways of making decisions from the perspective of love rather than fear! Adrian McGinn


Take me, train me, be firm with me
And I will put the world at your feet.
Be easy with me, and I will destroy you. You know who am I? Am your Habit.Unknown

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