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Mix the mango pulp and curd together and apply it on face and neck for 20 minutes, rinse off, apply this face pack regularly for glowing skin.
Blend the apple and orange pieces together. Add in a pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon of honey. You can also add milk to this. Apply to the face and neck and rinse off after 30 minutes. This face pack is good for all skin types.
3 strawberries One big tablespoon of honey.Half a squeeze of half a lemon.Apply the pack on the face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off. This pack is good for all skin types, especially oily skin.
Healthy Skin: Crush the cherries and strawberries with a spoon or hands in a bowl. Add in one tablespoon of honey. Apply to face and neck and rinse off after 30 minutes.
Mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey to make your tan removing lip serum.
Using a shampoo every alternate day or once in about 3 days will make sure that your hair looks fresh and clean.
Red wine works amazingly to rejuvenate one's beauty.
Stuffed veggies like bittergoutds and potatoes, etc. can be stored in freezer bags, and thawed as required. Make sure to thaw completely before proceeding to cook it. Or else it will crumble easily.
Store banana leaves like a roll, wrapped in a moist muslin cloth, then placed n a polythene bag. They will stay fresh for a week, if refrigerated this way.
Place green fruits in a perforated plastic bag. The holes will allow air to circulate while retaining the ethylene gas that fruits produce during ripening.
Before storing spices like coriander, cumin, chilli powder, keep them in the strong sun for few hours or lightly roast them in a frying pan.
All ground, dry spices should be stored in a dark place as they tend to lose their flavour in the light.
Butter is best kept in the refrigerator, but as it easily absorbs other flavours, it should be well wrapped and kept away from strong.
Don't wash the eggs for storing. Because the egg shell is covered with a protective coating that aids in maintaining the freshness of the egg by covering the many small holes in the shell, if this mucin layer is removed by washing or buffing, the holes are exposed for bacterial penetration and dehydration, thus hastening deterioration of quality.
To keep cottage cheese fresh, wrap it in a muslin cloth that has been dipped in lemon water.
To prevent fresh coconut milk from turning rancid add a pinch of salt to it. This will help preserve it for a few hours.
If leaving white sauce to stand for an hour or two, spread melted butter on the surface so that it forms a thin film thereby preventing formation of skin
Butter is best kept in the refrigerator, but as it easily absorbs other flavours, it should be well wrapped and kept away from strong smelling foods.
Fresh soft dates should be kept in plastic bags in the refrigerator. They will keep fresh for weeks.
To keep carrots fresh for longer, cut the tops off and place them in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator.
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