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Seven tips to keep kids safe from summer heat

The summer season is here, and with it comes the scorching heat, sweat and high humidity levels, leaving you exhausted and de-energised. But for kids, it's time for holidays, which means that they will get a well-deserved break from the strenuous monotony of classroom activities.

As temperatures and humidity go up, so does the risk of heat-related illness. Kids no wonder are most excited to spend more time outdoors, ignoring their health and safety. Therefore, the parents need to be careful to ensure their kid's safety from this unbeatable heat.

So, here are some simple tips to help your child stay hydrated and for parents to ensure a healthy summer vacations for their little ones while they enjoy outdoors.

Provide your kid with a watter bottle: It is very important for everyone to have plenty of water during summer season. More so for the kids, as they might sweat out playing in the heat. It flushes out all the toxins from the body and also provides fluidity for the flow of blood.

Fresh juices and lemon water: Parents should provide fresh juices, coconut water, buttermilk or lemon juice as refreshments to thier kids as they replenish the fluids that are lost in sweat.

Light colour clothing: Make your child wear light colour clothing as light colours absorb heat better during summers and allow sweat to evaporate.

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