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For a Paper Roast Dosa. Just add 2 spoon of corn powder in a small amount of batter and Try.
TO AVOID EXTRA SALT IN CURRY To avoid extra salt in any dish, better add some Potateos pieces to it, so that the excess of salt might disappear..Try it ....
If ur dish become more spicy pour some coconut oil in ur dish. it will control the spicy
Always use ghee or vanaspathi with or instead of oil, which gives a good flavour to the gravy. If oil alone is used, it does not get separated easily from the ground mixture, as ghee separates from it.
Fluffy Chapathi:knead the dough little loose. give it a good massage for 2mins. roll the chappathi evenly throughout. no need of oil, no waiting, nothing. it all lies how u knead and roll.
If you want curd to settle fast after adding little curd to the milk you just put a greenchilly which is coated with salt
To make pooris more crispy add a little rice flour to the wheat flour while kneading.
Over Salt: If you accidentally over salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato.
To peel garlic skin easily Removing garlic skin is tedious and can consume a lot of time, especially when youíre in a hurry. Warm garlic cloves in the microwave slightly and youíll see the skin peeling off without difficulty. Also, you can submerge them in water for about 10 minutes before peeling the skin.
Dal cooking speedy tipDid you know, adding a pinch of turmeric when cooking dal can hasten the cooking process?
Best out of waste
Spread the cilantro on white paper for sometime to dry. Remove the thick stem and Clean all the black stuff and wrap them in a plastic cover. You can preserve them for one week.
Wash the stem part, chop them. Blend them into fine paste with some water and use that water to mix Roti flour and prepare Roti or Puri.
You can mix that with Rasam to give good flavor.
Pasta Cooking Use oil spray on uncooked pasta a minute before throwing them in the boiling salty water. You'll never get sticky pasta ever!
Egg Make a small hole in the egg by piercing a pin before boiling it. You will be able to remove its skin very easily.
Boil eggs quickly To boil eggs quickly, add some salt to the water and boil. Eggs will be boiled quickly
Get rid the smell of fish from your hands To get rid the smell of fish from your hands, simply wash your hands with a little apple vinegar.
Retaining Vitamins
Do steam or microwave vegetables and fruits to retain as much vitamins and minerals as possible, as opposed to boiling.
When boiling corn on the cob, add a pinch of sugar to help bring out the cornís natural sweetness.
Avoide lump or sticky noodles Add a lump of butter or a few tea spoons of cooking oil to the water while cooking Rice, noodles or Spaghetti.
Keep garlic skins from sticking to your hands Soak the garlic flakes in a cup of water for five minutes before peeling.
To cut hard boiled eggs smoothly While cutting hard boiled eggs, the egg yolk often tends to break. To avoid this dip the knife in cold water for a few seconds and then cut smoothly.
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