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Before making dosas, add 2-3 drops of oil on the tawa, then rub with half an onion, to prevent the dosas from sticking to the tawa.
Add 2 tsp of water to the egg mixture to get fluffy omelette.
Use warm water for kneading dough to get soft rotis.
Keep brown bread and a few chutneys like tomato chutney, green chutney etc with you, which will serve as a side dish for idly, dosa, pongal and can also be used as a spread for sandwiches and bread toast.
Add cheese rinds to vegetable or meat broths for another dimension of flavor.
Marinating meat with citrus can give it a mealy texture. If you like citrus, a little squeeze of lemon or lime is always a good way to finish the dish instead.
When you're browning meat, you should blot the surface dry with a paper towel so the meat doesn't release moisture when it hits the hot oil. Too much moisture makes the meat steam instead of sear, and you will lose that rich brown crust.
Do not use oil in the water when boiling pasta: It will keep the sauce from sticking to the cooked pasta.
Instead of placing a chicken on a roasting rack, cut thick slices of onion, put them in an oiled pan, then place the chicken on top. The onion will absorb the chicken juices. After roasting, let the chicken rest while you make a sauce with the onions by adding a little stock or water to the pan and cooking it for about 3 minutes on high heat.
For best results when you're baking, leave butter and eggs at room temperature overnight.
For rich, creamy dressings made healthy, substitute half the mayo with Greek-style yogurt.
After making eggs sunny-side up, deglaze the pan with sherry vinegar, then drizzle the sauce on the eggs to add another dimension to the dish.
If you saute sliced onions without oil, the moisture content in the onions will be reduced faster. You can then add a little oil to saute the onions. This way, you tend to use less oil and your sauteing is faster.
Soak two slices of bread in a cup of coconut-water and with half a tablespoon of sugar. Then blend and use the mix in your 'idli'or hoppers batter to ferment it.
When you prepare butter at home, you get buttermilk as a by-product. Boil this buttermilk at medium heat, and you will get paneer at no extra cost.
While cooking mince, put a whole carrot in with the mince. The carrot will absorb the excess fat in the meat. Remove the carrot when cooked and cut up with other vegetables for soup or simply discard.
While cooking cabbage, add a bay leaf. This will reduce the smell during cooking and also give a subtle flavor.
If oil used for frying turns dark, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, cover with a lid and keep on slow flame. When the spluttering stops, remove the lid; the oil will have cleared and it can be strained and re-used.
To make your omelettes more spongy and soft, add two - three spoons of milk to the egg batter and mix properly.
To boil a cracked egg, add some vinegar to the water and place the egg in it. The egg shell will remain inside.
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