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Roasted wheat flour can be used in small quantities to thicken gravies, etc. Or reduce the Sharpness of extra salt which may have been added.
To soften the taste of any extra sharp vegetable eg. fenugreek leaves, radish leaves, etc., Chop them, sprinkle some salt all over and keep aside for 10 minutes. Press out all the water and wash well 2-3 times in a colander.
Never reshape dough once it has been shaped and rested after punching. The risen dough must Not be disturbed or texture of the baked product may not turn out as it should.
Any extra water in which vegetables have been boiled can be saved and used as stock for soups. Stock prepared in large quantities can be frozen in icecube trays and stored in a plastic bag as cubes. Use as required.
I have a quick way to polish ur furniture without buying costly furniture polish from stores. Just take a tbl sp of vegetable oil in a bowl & add 1 tbl sp of lime juice to it mix them well & with a soft cloth apply it on your furniture & immediately wipe off with a dry soft cloth. your furniture will shine like new.
Peel onions easily by dropping them into boiling water and covering. 3 minutes for small varieties, and 5 minutes for the large varieties. Cut a small cross in the root base for larger ones, to prevent from bursting in the water.
To peel tomatoes easily, keep covered in boiling hot water for 5 minutes. Remove, make a careful X at its bottom, peel off skin. Cool and chop as required.
Never make a paste of raw onions if you want to keep it for any amount of time. It will turn Bitter. Always fry them in a little oil, and then grind.
If an onion is too sharp in taste, wash, drain and toss into some beaten curd. Add a dash of salt and pepper, it becomes a tasty raitha.
Whenever we buy vermicelli or sooji, before storing if we fry them until it turns light brown colour, it can last longer. And whenever we want to cook them, it will be instantly ready to cook and less time cosuming.
Any leftover batter from dipped bhajias, need not be thrown Away. Hold a perforated (round even holes) large flat spoon, Over hot oil, pour batter through. The pearl shaped fries, can be Fried till crisp, but not browned, drained, and stored to use a boondi in boondi raitha. (refer recipe for raitha).
Serve tiny helpings of salads on small cracker biscuits (like monaco) or canape thins Topped with some grated cheese, or paneer. They make excellent cocktail pickups. Take care to serve immediately.
To chop onions without tears, slit a clean transparent plastic bag from base, so that both sides are open. Place board, and hands inside this and chop onions with the bag forming a loose out casing.
Add a few pinches of salt to cauliflower while boiling. Add a small blob of butter to the drained cauliflower and mix. This will enhance the flavour of the cauliflower in your recipe.
Add a few drops of lemon juice to rice, while it is cooking. This will keep the grain from breaking easily.
Use Idly cooker for baking by using little water at the bottom and placing the dish above it.
Paneer crumbs, bread crumbs and some melted butter, tossed together form an excellent topping if you run short of cheese, for any baked dishes.
Always set puddings, jellies, etc. till very firm, but do not allow them to freeze hard. They will Lose their original lightness by doing so. Chill till well set in freezer, then transfer to chiller Or lower section of fridge. Return to freezer for just 10 minutes before serving.
To make a soft fluffy omelet heat a non-stick pan and add a little more butter than usual. Now beat the egg and stir briskly (even while frying) with a fork. This way more air goes in your omelet, making it light and fluffy. Cook till done and serve hot.
Do not discard leftover mojo sauce. Add as a seasoning to clear and tomato or other similar soups.
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