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Cover refrigerated bananas, or else its smell will permeate in milk Which may be stored in an open vessel in the same fridge.
Cleaning Root Vegetables like potato
Use a plastic scrubber (round ball type) to scrub potatoes, beets, carrots etc. of mud, dirt, etc. from the crevices and curves easily. Keep the scrubber exclusively for this purpose only, for obvious reasons of hygiene.
If puffed rice is not crisp and crunchy, dry roast in a large heavy pan, stirring continuously, till quite hot. Cool back to room temperature. It will get back its crunchiness.
To preserve the white colour in cauliflower and cabbage, add a teaspoon of milk or milk powder while cooking.
Use any of the leftover salads to make a filling for a tasty sandwich. Spread some green Chutney on the slices before putting the filling.
Always keep a couple of boiled potatoes (skins intact) handy in the fridge. They are very useful when in a hurry. Either bake them, or make a quick curry, or fry them. Eat them in a sandwich, or just plain with salt and pepper. Stir fry and add spices or make a quick paratha.
Day old bread, blended in a dry mixie, to make fine crumbs, acts as an excellent thickener in gravies, batters, soups, etc.
Adding a spoonful of curd to ladyfingers while cooking will ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black.
To make samosas crisper add some cornflour to the maida for dough.
Keep rolled puries in the fridge,for 10 minutes. It will consume less oil,and puries will crisper.Before frying onions soak them in milk for 10 minutes.The onions will fry fast and have a uniform colour and will be more crisper. Store chapathi dough after applying some milk ,it will not turn black.
For a quick chaat, fry leftover pieces of bread in ghee till crisp. Arrange the pieces in a plate. Pour curds, salt, red chilli and cumin powders, coriander leaves and green chillies on them. Top with tamarind and jaggery chutney.
Always use a standard set of measuring instruments for your cooking. This Will save a lot of time on approximations, and additions-deletions. Also it will avoid searching for measuring gadgets at the last moment.
While cutting tomatoes into slices, use a bread sknife instead of an ordinary knife. The skin remains intact - also the task is executed faster.
Roast cumin seeds on a warm griddle before dry grinding. They will give a better flavour and grind faster.
When you are cooking brinjal add a spoon of milk so that the brinjal retain its colour without becoming black. You can add same while cooking banana or any other vegetable to retain the colour and taste will remain good.
Grind cardamom along with skins to make powder. Pass through sieve. While getting more quantity and becoming economical the flavour is also enhanced. Mix the residue in tea leave or tea masala for beautifully aromatic tea.
Any vada mixture should be beaten well with hand prior to frying, to incorporate air in the batter and make it light, as also soft on frying.
To make creamier raithas, add half a cup of fresh cream to one recipe of raitha. Makes the dish much more rich, though.
Always keep slit or chopped brinjals in salted water, till required. Remove and use as per recipe, when required. This will keep them from turning black, which happens when they are kept otherwise, in a matter of minutes.
Prepare chillies for a garnish on spicy veggies as follows: Slit firm green long chillies. Squeeze some lemon juice over them. Dust a bit of salt too. Rub them a bit to coat properly. Before adding anything to hot oil in the kadai, fry these for a few seconds, holding them down the back of a spoon or spatula. To clean you hands of the sting chillies give, rub them with the skin of squeezed lemon and salt. Wash normally.
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