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Use a mechanical or electrical chopper for chopping, semipureeing veggies, etc. since it cuts down making time drastically.
Place chopped veggies for salads in a large bowl of icecold water, before preparing salad, to give that fresh, crisp, crunchy feel.
For fresh ghee take a slab of unsalted butter place in a heavy bottomed pan and mlet on very slow flame. Remove the froth as it forms with a slotted spoon. Dont the let it burn. When the oil is clear and stops frothing add a few methi (fenugreek) seeds to it and switch off the flame.
Always warm dry spices like cuminseeds, cardamom, cloves, etc. on a griddle before powdering. The grinding will be done faster and powder will be finer.
While tasting hot decoction, keep very sweet, since after cooling the sweetness reduces, as also The added icecubes will dilute the sweetness.
Always powder citric acid crystals before adding to any preserve or murabba, etc. It will blend into the recipe much better and faster.
Use any of the above leftover sabzis can be used to make masala parathas. Add the sabzi to Some wheat flour, add any other veggies if desired, like grated gourd, or greens, or carrot, Or just dry masalas like chilli powder, salt, dhania powder, turmeric. Add some oil too. Knead To a soft dough, and make parathas or puris as desired.
One tsp. of plain flour mixed in 1/4 cup water boiled in a stock (2 cups) will lend body and enhance consistency of the soup.
1. To make soft idlis and dosas add a handfull of Puffed rice or Poha 2. To prevent insects like silver fish from creeping into your cupboards and damaging your clothes and books tie few Kalonji seeds in a muslin cloth and keep in the corner of the shelf.
Crush chikki coarsely and use as nougat over cakes and icecreams. Use nuts of your choice.
If you happen to put excess salt in the curry, cut a raw potato into about 10 pieces and drop them into the curry & leave for 15 min. They will absorb the excess salt. Remove the pieces before serving.
Always add a tbsp. of oil to plenty of water while boiling pasta of any kind. It will keep them from sticking to each other.
Run a spoonful of any sev, papdi, or farsan made of gram flour in a mixie. Add this powder to thicken gravies which have a watery consistency. Take care to use non-chilli sev for light coloured gravies.
In case rice tends to have excess water, wrap a thick cotton cloth tightly over the lid, and cover container. The napkin will soak the excess moisture, as the steam rises.
Smash half a boiled potato, add a bit of water, and convert to a smooth paste (use a small mixie for convenience) and add to any soup to thicken and add body, if you have run out of cornflour.
Do not throw away the green tender stalks of cauliflower base. Chop fine and use in soups like other vegetables. You will be adding fibre to your soup.
While cooking veggies with less water, in their own moisture, cover pan with a deep lid, pour About 150 ml. water in lid. This will quicken the cooking process by returning the steam formed inside back into the vegetable, as also it will retain the nutrients better. Even the flavour of the vegetable is noticeably better.
Choose the smaller, flat, thin skinned tomatoes, for making sauces. They will not only give better quality sauce, flavour will also be better. Even the residue to get puree will be much lesser.
If batter of any bhajias tends to become too thin, wet a slice or two of bread, press out all excess water, and mash it into the batter. This will help greatly in thickening the batter.
Use leftover salads in making a nice hot pulao. Steam rice, add a few spices, masalas, salad, cheese if desired, salt and toss well. Cover and simmer till very hot.
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