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Think About Lighting - Photography
Pay attention to how much light you have and where it's coming from when taking your photos. If you're shooting outdoors, be careful not to take photos of a person when the sun is at their back. If you're grabbing a photo in front of a monument or landmark and don't have the flexibility to adjust your position you can use the camera's flash to fill in shadows. You may have to manually activate the flash, as there's a good chance that the camera will think that it's unnecessary on a bright day.
Get Basic Composition Down - Photography
The heart of a photograph is its composition -the position of different elements in a frame. The easiest rule of thumb to learn and remember is the Rule of Thirds. Basically, you'll want to break your frame into nine squares of roughly equal size. Try and align the subject of your photo along these lines and intersections and imagine the main image divided over these nine boxes. This gives you a more dramatic, visually interesting shot than one where you subject is located dead center. Many newer cameras have a rule of thirds grid overlay that you can activate when shooting.
Don't overlook mundane subjects for photography
You might not see anything interesting to photograph in your living room or your backyard, but try looking at familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. You might catch an interesting trick of the light or find some unexpected wildflowers in your yard. Often a simple subject makes the best shot.
Cut it, slice it, dice it! - Food Photography
As with anything, you shouldnít just take something for its face value. With food, sometimes itís whatís inside that can create a great shot. Like cutting up cakes just so I can get the different layers.
Small details make a big difference Donít disregard the small stuff. Keep in mind that using nice cutlery and a clean serving plate/bowl could make all the difference transforming a nice photo to a fantastic one.
Food Photography
Instead of only taking photos of a full plate of food, take some macro shots too.† Getting up close to your subject will bring out the textures and finer details, making it more interesting and intriguing.
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