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Pest Control
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The cleaner you can keep you home, the better. The more you take the offensive approach keeping food and debris cleaned up, the less attractive your home will be
Recycled items should be stored at outside the home. If this is not possible make sure the containers are rinsed thoroughly. Keeping them in sealed containers will also help pest control and elimination attempts.
Pest Control: Lights outside of doorways are attracted to lights left on at night. Light bulbs with a pink, yellow or orange tint attract fewer insects. The further away you can keep your light from the entrance point, the better protection you will have from home invasion.
Pest Control: Keep your yard clean. Donít let trash or litter accumulate. Prevent standing water and weeds. Outside trash cans should have sealed lids and any spills should be cleaned up right away.
Any little cracks, gaps or crevices along doors and windows need to be sealed up and repaired. If you have a screen door, there is access to screens with holes small enough to help prevent unwanted visitors.
Around your home, use rock or stone instead of wood chips or straw. Keep potential hideout places for pests away from your home. If you have trees next to your home, keep branches cut back so there is no bridge access from the tree to the home.
Pest Control When boiling water, boil some extra water. Pour this down your sink. This will kill cockroaches and remove their eggs.
Cockroaches :
Mix boric powder in wheat flour and knead it to a dough. Roll out tiny balls of this dough and keep them in places frequented by the insects. Caution: Keep them out of the reach of small children
Mosquitoes #3
Do not allow water to accumulate anywhere in your yard for more than two days. Cans, buckets, pots, plastic swimming pools and tires are all containers that tend to collect and hold water. Removing these items will help control the number of mosquitoes that hatch in your yard.

Ants In The Kitchen
To prevent ant from returning, place a few pieces of mint gum around point of infestation. They can't stand the mint.
Cockroaches #4
Put some boric powder in kitchen in corners and other places to keep cockroaches at bay.
Cockroaches #3
Dusts of boric acid can be applied to cracks or entry points of these insects. Bay leaves on pantry shelves could also help in warding off these critters.
Cockroaches at bay - cupboard
Betel nuts kept in the corner of a cupboard will help ward off cockroaches.
Mosquitoes #2
Burn dried orange peel in a corner of the house. The smoke will drive away the mosquitoes.
Cockroaches #2
If you have cockroaches, sprinkle borax powder in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Avoid sprinkling where children and pets could be affected.
Cockroaches #1
Do not throw away cucumber peels. Place in drawers and strategic corners to keep cockroaches away.
Scarpions or Centipedes
If insects like scorpions or centipedes enter the house, donot panic. Pour some kerosene on their faces as they advance. They will be immobilised, then kill. This technique can even immobilise a reptile.
Place dried neem leaves (folded between two pieces of newspaper) in stored grains, eg. wheat to avoid from being attacked by worms and insects.
Insect Repellant
Do not throw away the skin of ripe lemons after extracting their juice. Dry in the sun and use as insect repellants in cupboards, etc.
To get rid of ants, apply a solution of tobacco and water, to the cracks, holes, and grooves Where the ants are coming from.
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