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Significance of Mehndi (Henna)

The Mughals taught us all about the history of Mehndi and introduced it to India during 12th century AD. During that period the royal and rich use to decorate themselves with it. The patterns were intricately made by the artists or the beauticians. Indian weddings are incomplete without the mehndi ceremony.In the Telugu states, the Ashada Masam is synonymous with Gorintaku aka Mehendi.

The leaves are processed as a skin conditioner and as a reliever for rashes. The henna used for mehndi comes from a bush which is grown in the Africa and India. Henna is used for hair dye and as a conditioner.

Mehndi also known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. The reason people apply mehendi in ashadam were, women are in constant contact with water while doing household chores, the skin on their hands and legs may get irritate and also it can cause fungal infection between toes . Many studies found that henna has an antifungal effect and could be used to treat fungal infection as a substitute to the drugs. Applying mehendi to the bride and the groom before the wedding, is one of the oldest Indian traditions. Application of mehendi can prevent too much stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from getting tense.

Let’s have an in-depth look at 3 different types of mehndi designs that are extremely popular across the world.

1. Western-style Mehendi Design

The western culture has also adapted the mehendi trend, which is obviously not at all linked with their culture or tradition. However, the henna tattoo in western-style mehendi are getting immensely popular. From geometrical shapes to all the quirky patterns, contemporary mehendi designs are worth to try as it comprises of all the patterns and designs.

2. Indian Mehendi Design

Indian style mehendi designs are already popular and stunning in design and style. For every age group, Indian mehendi designs has something to offer in its unique and intricate style. From front to back, there are some amazing patterns in Indian mehendi design including some prominent ones i.e. florals, chequered dots, trails and other traditional patterns.

3. Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are popular for their unique and aesthetic styling along with the perfect blend of bold lines and empty spaces. Arabic mehndi designs and styling are bit different from the regular Mehendi patterns as it is originated from the gulf countries. It has unique elegance and royalty, which is counted among the best mehndi designs.

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