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Mauna – Silence

According to the Bhagavad Gita, mauna is about training our minds, not just our mouths, to be silent. Mauna, the Secret Limb of Yoga Mauna refers to the practice of not-speaking, and one who does this regularly is called a Muni, a sign of great respect in Hindu and yogic thought. While not-speaking is an important part of Mauna, it is much more than that. The voice is the foremost of our motor organs. It relates to the element of ether that governs over all the other elements and their respective motor organs. Yet an inner speech is also the main expressive factor of the mind and governs all mental activity.

Vow of Mauna

-Mauna conserves the energy and you can turn out more mental and physical work. By the practice of mauna, the energy of speech is slowly transmuted or sublimated into spiritual energy.

-This practice develops will power, helps check in with your tendency towards impulsive speech, encourages the practitioner to observe truth, control anger, and channel emotions.

-Mouna doesn’t just mean silence of your words. But this is a good place to start. Silence obviously refers to verbal speech, but it also includes nonverbal forms of communication.

-Forced mouna is an effort and is wrestling with the mind. It must be natural. Irritability vanishes. You become a better listener. Your speech can now become carefully constructed and well-articulated.

The Divine Word and cosmic mantras starting with OM and HREEM are the sounds of silence that we can only enter into with a silent mind and receptive heart. Cosmic mantric vibrations are the sounds of universal space, in which there is no friction or noise. This is the space of consciousness, Chidakasha. Entering into that all limitations of time, place and person disappear.

Mental Silence is More Important than Verbal Silence

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