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Were ancient builders capable of Time Travel and Space Travel?

Were ancient builders capable of Time Travel and Space Travel?

Panchavarnaswamy temple looks just like an ordinary temple built in the last century, but it is actually at least 2000 years old. This temple is also known as KOZHI constructed during the 7th century. It is located in Woraiyur, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.Worayuir used to be the capital of Chola Kings. It also has several inscriptions dating back to the Chola period.

It is designed in a way that normal visitors see normal carvings and if you are a serious researcher, there are carvings that are baffling, and they are all carved in the dark corners of the temple. Today, even though the temple has electric lights, the strangest carvings still lurk in deep, dark areas and these carvings have no explanation until now.

Let us take a look at image 1carving. It has a figure which has the head of an elephant standing upright. You may think this is the popular Hindu God Ganesha but it is not, because this is a female figure and Ganesha is a male god. And what is even more interesting is that it has wings like an eagle, you can even see the feathers.

Image 2, look at the legs, these are long, slender cylindrical feet that defy any explanation. What could this possibly be? Even today, scientists have not been able to create such a species through genetic engineering, we do not have enough technology to do this as of today.

But 100 years from now, we could easily create a species like an elephant with wings. Believe it or not, scientists are said to be secretly working even to create human beings with wings. It is estimated that this will be achieved in less than 200 years from now. And this is exactly what we see here in this carving.

Image 3- Sabretooth tiger - They are commonly known as thylacosmilus. Its appearance is similar to Tiger, but the only difference is that it has a very long tooth and tail. The Thylacosmilus looks like a modern-day lion or tiger, but the main difference is its exceptionally long upper canine teeth. This carving undoubtedly shows this particular species with protruding fang-like teeth and a long tail.

If you compare this carving with the modern-day recreation of this animal using fossil evidence, we can see that they are almost identical. The trickiest part is that this animal came to extinct 2.5 million years ago and archeology says that this temple was completely constructed 2000 years ago. How did the sculptures carve the thylacosmilus exactly, 2000 years ago even though thyacosmilus was extinct 2.5 million years back?

We need think about this How can a temple contain both futuristic carvings and carvings from a distant past? The only way someone could record something from both the future and past accurately is by doing time travel.

The Bhagavata Purana Explains

The ancient text called Bhagavata Purana not only describes Time Travel but also the concept of Time Dilation accurately, even though we think that Albert Einstein was the first person to clearly understand this.

According to the text ‘Bhagavata Purana”, a king and his daughter make an interstellar journey to see Lord Brahma who lives on a different planet. They had to wait for a short while before meeting Lord Brahma, and when the King talks about the issues he is currently facing on earth, Lord Brahma begins to laugh loudly and explains that that time runs differently on different planes of existence.

Lord Brahma explained that during the seemingly short time the King and his daughter experienced through the interstellar visit, more than one hundred and sixteen million years had passed on earth. So, he tells them when they go back, all your friends on earth, enemies and their sons and all their descendants would have died a long time ago, no one even knows about their names anymore.

This was treated as a fiction and a fantasy story until Einstein explained to human beings about time travel and time dilation in the 1900s. Now, Scientist agrees that this story strongly and accurately indicates time dilation.

Image 4 carving represents a deep meaning and spirituality. Linga has always been known as a source of unlimited power. So, the brain is being powered through the stem and Brahma holding the top of the tree indicates the control that he has over the thoughts and actions of human beings.

Perhaps the key to all these questions can be found on the ceiling of Panchavarnaswamy temple. Usually, the ceilings of temples contain complex cymatic patterns. It is impossible for a temple to have a carving which is both from the past as well as from the future unless or until the ancient Indians or at least ancient sculptures of India knew how to travel time!

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