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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Food That They Don't Like

You've begged and you've pleaded. You've cried and you've screamed. Yet, your kids still won't eat what you know is good for them? Try these tactics to assure that your children are both happy and healthy.

Few Steps are to be followed by every Mother.

Step 1: Apologize to your children for any negative behavior regarding food on your part. For example, if you have, in the past, taken away privileges unrelated to food (for example, computer time) then this is the time to say you're sorry and you won't do this again. Food should be related to food and nothing else, unless you want to continue the battles.

Step 2: Review the USDA's food pyramid with your children so they understand what constitutes a healthy diet.

Step 3: Create a new rule such as "If you don't finish what's for dinner, you don't get dessert." Explain this rule to your children well in advance of mealtime so they will be prepared.

Step 4: Involve your children in the cooking. Even if it is something as simple as turning on the cold water, it's amazing what foods kids will eat if they feel they have cooked it themselves.

Step 5:.....

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