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Voice and Vision - Mini Immersions with Gina Sala Dec-6th

Schedule Wed, 06 Dec 2023  7:30 PM
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Voice and Vision - Mini Immersions with Gina Sala Dec-6th

Join me as we continue our Voice and Vision mini immersions on Sept 6th from 6-7:30pm PDT online. All are welcome- as I'll guide us through a practice to really hear inner guidance in an area of your life, and another to handle the inner obstacles to our visions. All welcome!

Welcome even if you did not take the January session as I will guide us through. There will be 2 more guided sessions this year ( September 6th and December 6th) that can really be a great support as we co-create in this life. You are worthy of this loving time!

If you have participated in Gina’s annual Voice and Vision workshops then these follow up sessions will help you continue to gain clarity, power and openness to manifest your vision. We will be able to hear and witness the miracles and synchronicities as the unfold. We will continue build the capacity to co-create and listen inwardly, as we did in our January workshops.

Organized by Gina Sala Global Vocals

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