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Kites over Anadarko

Schedule Sat, 26 Oct 2019  8:00 Am
Venue Anadarko Municipal Airport
Anadarko, OK 73005

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Event Details

Kites over Anadarko will feature the following activities:

Show Kites (â??Giant Kitesâ?).
Some of the largest kites in the world and truly amazing wonders with
unbelievable crowd appeal. Many measure the size of a basketball court
and some of our kites are nearly three stories tall and 200 feet long.
Imagine kites the size of houses flying 300 feet above the ground. These
whimsical creations are nothing short of amazing. A word of advice:
bring your cameras! They always amaze the crowds.

Kite Making (â??Paper Kitesâ?).
The main goal with kite making is to introduce the children to a
classroom type project that can be flown but is more geared for the
small children to make and color to their liking. A real treat for the
kids that make them and something they can take home to remember the

Stunt or Sport Kites
(â??Individual and Teamâ?). Sport kites are maneuverable kites flown on
more than one string (or flying line). There are two basic types of
sport kites: dual-line kites and quad-line kites. Dual-line sport kites
are flown on two lines. While skilled pilots are able to control their
kites to do much more, dual-line kites are designed only to turn left or
right or fly straight ahead. Quad-line kites are flown on four lines.
Quad-line kites can fly forwards, backwards and sideways. Quad-line
kites are generally less aerodynamic and more complicated to fly. Both
types of kites are used for recreational flying and competition.

Ground Displays (â??Banners,
Bouncers, and Crowns�). Put on a show, wind or no wind. These amazing
displays help any event by adding significant presence to the grounds of
the festival. Bright, colorful, and hand made to perfection. When your
guests arrive, they will have no problem realizing that something very
special is happening, even before a single kite is flying. Kids love the
80ft caterpillar!

Candy Drops (â??Candy Rain or the
flying piñataâ?). Candy dropping from heaven. A very popular event for
kids and adults alike. We use giant and powerful kites to lift up piñata
size candy bags that have remote triggers. When the kids are ready and
they see it drop they can run to find it all. One of the favorite events
at every festival. Kids wonâ??t ever forget this event.

Bol Races (â??Parachute Racesâ?).
Imagine small round parachutes that the kids hold and line up to run
upwind. Sounds easy but depending on the wind this can be a real chore
for them and a great time for the parents to watch. Laugh your hearts
out as you watch the contestants struggle with the wind and the power of
the bols. We have large and small ones depending on the size of the
person. Yes we even have adult size ones! Bol races are a must at every

Kite Doctor (â??Kite M.D.â?). No
it is not a new show on TV this fall. We have our own kite doctor on
hand to help â??patientsâ? fix there kites that may need repairs. Sometimes
a little tape, string, and TLC is just what the doctor ordered.

Admission is Free to the public. Kites will be available to purchase as well starting at $3.00 all the way up to $50.00 or more.

Organized by City of Anadarko
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