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Question:Hi, I would like to return to India and settle there but my wife wants to settle in US Let us know if we ever return to India. If so what is the good year and time to return Let us know if we will have a more happy life if we settle in India or US I am born on Dec 8 1971, 21:30 IST Hyderabad, India. My wife born on Oct 26 1980, 15:00 IST, Hyderabad, India -kv

Answer By Jyotish Praveen Jyotish Bhushan Sri Gowtham H R:

Hari Om,

After 2015 there is a chance of a major relocation. Be pleased to know that you are now in the most auspicious dasha of your life, Kuja being your yogakaraka from both lagna & rasi. Worship lord Subrahamanya & see all your dreams & ambitions materializing now.

Good Luck,
Sri Gowtham Bharadwaj

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