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Question:my date of birth is april 24,1962 time appr 3.45pm mumbai. my life is mess up and i dont have absolutely no money in the bank.i have lost all the money in business. what will happen in future or is there any future for me or not.will i settle down in india where i want to go desperately and settle down but i cannot because i am completely broke.how can i change my life. please advice need urgent help -amit

Answer By Jyotish Praveen Jyotish Bhushan Sri Gowtham H R:

Hari Om,

Dhanu rasi natives are in a tight spot since the last 1 year & will continue to be for atleast 6 more months..

Moreover your Rahu dasha has also just started & the first 1.5 years will be obstacle filled, from May 2012, you will see things getting better & happiness allround return to you.

See, its true that most things are predestined but not ALL, you can really change the course of your life & tweak destiny to your favour if you make the effort to communicate with the divine source through sincere worship, devotion & dyana.. Will power can work wonders & result in turnarounds.

Worship Durga ma & meditate on her everyday.

Good Luck,
Sri Gowtham Bharadwaj

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