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Gastric Problem: Cloves are an herb used in cooking. Clove oil may help reduce bloating and gas by producing digestive enzymes. Add two to five drops to an 8-ounce glass of water and drink after meals.
Gastric Problem: Mix about half a teaspoon of heeng with luke warm water and drink it to curb gas problem. Heeng acts as an anti-flatulent that prevents the growth of the gut bacteria that may be producing excess gas in your stomach. According to Ayurveda, heeng helps in balancing the vata dosha of the body.
Parsley leaves contain a rich source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, C and also A. Boiling a couple of parsley leaves in water and consuming it twice daily after cooling it, helps to delay your period and also flush out excess toxins from the body.
Delay in periods: Mixing 2 spoons of mustard powder with one cup warm milk and drinking this a week before periods help to delay them.
The juice of pomegranate seeds are very helpful in inducing periods.
A concoction of carom seeds and jaggery will help in inducing periods besides relieving menstrual cramps. How to use: Boil 1 tsp carom seeds with 1 tspjaggery in 1 glass of water and consume it empty stomach in the morning.
Adding magnesium to the diet, as a supplement, may help reduce headaches or prevent them.
Drinking enough water may help prevent headaches or reduce their severity.
Taking ginger in addition to regular, over-the-counter pain meds, eased pain for people in the ER with migraines. Another found that it worked almost as well as prescription migraine meds. You can try a supplement or maybe brew some tea.
Get Rid of a Headache: Chewing gum can hurt not just your jaw, but your head as well. The same is true for chewing your fingernails, lips, the inside or your cheeks, or handy objects like pens. Avoid crunchy and sticky foods, and make sure you take small bites. If you grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist about a mouth guard. This may curb your early-morning headaches
Sleeping on left side can prevent swelling in pregnancy.
Icing your feet can reduce inflammation that causes soreness. Apply ice to sore feet by filling a plastic bag with ice or rolling your feet on a frozen water bottle. Try to ice the affected area for 5 to 15 minutes a few times a day to help reduce inflammation.
Microwave your dish wash sponge for just a few seconds when it's (seemingly) irreparably gross.
Dab some ketchup on a cloth and rub it all over your copper. Rinse it in warm water and voila good as new.
Heat a dish towel in the microwave to get rid of fish smell.
Mix grated potato with raw milk and apply it on your face with a cotton ball. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. This natural face pack will effectively lighten the skin without any side effects.
Summer Face Mask: Take the pulp of a ripe mango and add gram flour (besan) to it. Mix well to form a smooth paste and apply on your skin. Wash off after 20 minutes. Repeat the process for at least twice a week, and you will get the shiny and clear skin back.
Natural Face Mask: Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and an equal amount of yogurt in a bowl and mix everything together to form a homogeneous paste. Now, add a few drops of lemon juice to this paste and apply it to your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then, rinse with cold water. Finally, pat the skin dry and apply your go-to moisturizer to
Natural Facial Bleach:Two tablespoons of fresh milk cream, a few drops of lemon juice, and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all the ingredients nicely to form a smooth paste. Now, apply this paste all over your face using your finger. Let it be there for 10-15 minutes and then, wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure for a few consecutive days to get the fairest complexion.
Gas Prevention: Sit down during each meal and eat slowly.
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