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Samba - The Boy who Ended Yadava Dynasty by giving birth to Musalm (IronClub)

Not many people know about Samba, the son of Lord Krishna & Jambavati, who ultimately became the cause of destruction of the whole Yadava clan.

Samba grew up to become as notorious as Lord Krishna and loved playing pranks on everyone. Once, Samba and his friends planned to play a prank on sages.

Once, the sages Vishwamitra, Asita, Kanva, Durvasa, Bhrigu, Angiras, Kashyapa, Vamadeva, Atri, Vashishta, Narada, and others visited Krishna at Dwarka. After that, they went to a holy place called Pindraka. At Pindraka, the young princes of the Yadava dynasty decided to play a prank. They had Samba dress up as a pregnant woman and approach the sages. The princes approached the sages and said, "Oh sages, this pregnant lady is the wife of Babhru and is about to give birth. Since you are great sages, she wants to ask you whether her child will be a boy or a girl."

Narada was enraged. He glared at the princes and cursed them, saying: She will give birth to an iron club which will destroy the entire Yadava dynasty.

The princes were terrified. They uncovered Samba’s belly and found an iron club in his belly. Soon, the iron club came out of Samba. The boys sorrowfully went back to Dwarka and showed King Ugrasena the iron club. King Ugrasena ordered the club to be powdered and thrown into the sea. But one part of the club, an iron spike, couldn’t be destroyed, so it was just thrown into the sea.

the iron club that had been thrown into the sea… The bits of the iron club were carried to the shore by the sea, where they turned into sharp canes. The unbreakable iron spike was swallowed by a fish. This fish was killed by the fisherman Jara, who fixed the iron spike to the end of his arrow.

After the Mahabharata War, Gandhari cursed the Yadavas that they would destroy themselves. Gandhari’s curse started coming true when the evil omens began. Throughout the Yadava cities, evil omens started showing. The Yadavas became sinful. Lord Krishna, who knew that it was time for Gandhari’s curse to come true, called a Yadava meeting in the Sudharma royal court. He told all of the Yadavas to go to Prabhasa-Kshetra to purify themselves. After the purification rites, the Yadavas started drinking alcohol. The drunk Satyaki started criticizing Kritavarma, and soon, all of the Yadavas started fighting amongst each other. They used the sharp canes made of the iron bits to slaughter each other. In the midst of the fighting, Samba was also slain.

After the slaughter, only Krishna and Balarama are remained. Balarama was extremely saddened and his soul departed from his mortal body. Krishna sent a messenger to Arjuna. He knew that Dwarka would drown within seven days, so he wanted Arjuna to rescue the Yadava women. Krishna then sat under a tree and started meditating. At that time, the hunter Jara approached that location. He mistook Krishna’s feet as a deer and shot him with the same iron-tipped arrow that came from Samba’s belly. He later repented, but Krishna consoled him and said that this was all meant to happen. Krishna then departed from his mortal body and went back to Vaikuntha.

Samba was just an instrument of Krishna in his purpose of ending the Yadava dynasty.

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