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Shakuni - An evil character from the Ancient Indian epic

We often consider texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata as religious and sacred texts and that is why it is not surprising that we consider characters from these epics like Rama, Krishna or Hanuman as Gods.

While they have hundreds and thousands of temples dedicated to them yet you would be quite surprised to know that they are not the only Gods to have a temple of their own.

Shakuni is usually perceived as being wicked, cunning and extremely scheming. In fact, he practically was the masterminded the great war of Kurukshetra. His entire mission was to take revenge for several unjust events that took place in his life or the life of his near and dear ones.

Negative Characters from our epics that you never thought will have a temple dedicated to them. That is Shakuni Temple.

India is indeed a unique place, and small wonder that it is incredibly beautiful and captivating. Only in India can one find such unusual ideals. Nonetheless, the temple houses Shakuni's shrine, not for no reason. According to the folklore, Shakuni performed austerities at this site to please Lord Shiva, and subsequently, attained Moksha.

Mayamkottu Malancharuvu Malanada Temple in Pavithreswaram (earlier known as Pakutheswaram) near Kottarakkara in the Kollam district of Kerala, a state that is also known as God's Own Country, is dedicated to Shakuni.

Interestingly, a granite installed in the temple is believed to be the seat used by Shakuni for his Tapasya. The folklore also suggests that the Kauravas divided their weapons amongst themselves at this place. They took shelter here after travelling miles in search of the Pandavas.

It is true that negative characteristics were dominant in Shakuni, but he too had some positive elements too.

These positive elements in his character are recognized by a community in Kerala, India and there is an ancient temple dedicated to Shakuni at Pavitreshwaram in Kollam District of Kerala. Offerings to the Temple include tender coconut, silk, and even toddy.

Another intriguing belief is that a community claims to be the descendants of the Kauravas. And they worship Shakuni's determination, perseverance and passion towards his goals. For the uninitiated, here's all you need to know about Shakuni.

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