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14 Lokas as per Hindu Tradition

The Hindu Mythological world is filled with many godly figures and interesting stories. Many Hindus believe that there are 14 lokas, or worlds that make up a multiverse. They believe that there are inhabitants in each of these planetary systems.

In the Puranas and in the Atharvaveda, there are 14 worlds, seven higher ones and seven lower ones Patalas namely Satya or Brahma Loka, Tapar Loka, Jana Loka, Mahar Loka, Svar Loka, Bhuvar Loka, Bhur Loka, Atala Loka, Vitala Loka, Sutala Loka, Talatala Loka, Mahatala Loka, Rasatala Loka, Patala Loka.

Brahma’s Loka or Satya-Loka planetary system is not eternal. Abode of Truth or of Brahma, where atman are released from the necessity of rebirth.

Tapar Loka abode of Tapas or of other deities. Ayohnija Devadas live here.

Jana Loka abode of the sons of God Brahma. And it is the highest place of consciousness.

Mahar Loka the abode of great sages and enlightened beings like Markendeya and other rishis. These figures are said to have survived the end and the destruction of the world.

Swar Loka is the resident of Lord Indra. It covers the part from the Sun to the Polar Star. This is the Loka where all the 330 million Hindu Gods reside and rest. It is a paradise and heaven for the Gods and the deities.

The second Godly world in the Vyahriti is Bhuvar Loka the distance between the earth and the sun. This is where the semi-divine deities and creatures live. It is a real region, the atmosphere, the life-force.

The Vishnu Purana says that Bhur Loka the earth is merely one of the thousands of billions of inhabited worlds like itself to be found in the universe. This is the Loka where man and animals live on. It is believed that many creatures have inhabited this Loka.


Atala Loka ruled by the son of Maya, named Bala, who is said to have mystical powers. With the power of one single yawn, he brought to life three kinds of women svairinis, Kaminis & Pumscali which are divided by the way they please the men.

Vitala Loka is ruled by the god Hara-Bhava is a form of Shiva, who dwells with attendant ganas including ghosts and goblins as the master of gold mines. The residents of this realm are adorned with gold from this region. The devotees of the lord Bhava would offer him a lot of gold.

Sutala Loka is the kingdom of the pious demon king Bali. It is said that he was pushed into the earth by the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu. In the next Yuga or the next life, he is considered to be a king of the heavens. The festival of Onam is celebrated in his honour.

Talatala is the realm of the demon-architect Maya, who is well-versed in sorcery. Shiva, as Tripurantaka, destroyed the three cities of Maya but was later pleased with Maya and gave him this realm and promised to protect him.

Mahatala Loka said to be home for serpents and Nagas. The nagas are half-snake, half-human mythological creatures. The sons of Kadru, headed by the Krodhavasha (Irascible) band of Kuhaka, Taksshaka, Kaliya and Sushena resides in this Loka.

Rasatala Loka is the home of the demons – Danavas and Daityas, who are mighty but cruel. Thye are similar to the serpents. They are considered to be eternal enemies to the Gods in heaven.

The lowest realm Patala Loka or Naga Loka this region is ruled by the snake Vasuki that is around Shiva’s neck, Vasuki. Here live several Nagas with many hoods. Each of their hood is decorated by a jewel, whose light illuminates this realm.

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