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Lakshman, Urmila and Nidra Devi

Lakshman, a highly skilled archer who could loose five hundred arrows in a single shot. He lived all his life serving his elder brother Ram and accompanied him everywhere he went, be it to Mithila to kill demons or the 14 year long exile (vanvas) of Ram or to free Sita from Ravan's custody.

Such was the love between the two siblings (though half-brothers as they were born of two different wives of King Dashrath) that Ram-Laxman are the epitome of brotherly care and adulation. The two were also respectively wedded to Raja Janak's two daughters. Ram wed Sita - the foster daughter of Janak and Queen Sunaina and Laxman wed Urmila the daughter of the duo. When Ram left for exile, Urmila agreed - though reluctantly - to let Laxman follow the elder brother and wife into the jungle. But Laxman had also approached Goddess Nidra - the one who controls sleep of an individual - to free him of the need to sleep for the exile period. He wanted to be vigilant and take care of the safety of Ram and Sita. So he struck a deal with Nidra Devi. Laxman doesn't sleep at all for 14 years and his quota of sleep is availed of or fulfilled by his wife Urmila who stayed back at the palace in Ayodhya.

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