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Four Good Habits to Supercharge Your Path to Success

We all know that having good habits is one of the key markers of success. Whether it’s Jeff Bezos, George Soros, or Warren Buffet, every successful billionaire has great habits.

Great habits utilize the slight edge effect to supercharge your success. They improve your life by a seemingly insignificant 1% each day, but compounded over a year, that’s a 37x increase.

With this in mind, let’s talk about some of the highest ROI habits out there today. There’s a lot of habits you can use in your life to supercharge your success, but these specific habits have the least time investment and the most return.

Habit 1. Meditation

It’s no secret that doing some meditation each morning can help clear your brain before you go out into the world to tackle your work. In fact, most research has shown that meditation has a whole host of benefits, ranging from decreased risk of heart disease to better focus.

If you do decide to meditate, I personally recommend starting out small. Russel Simmons, a popular advocate for meditation, recommends starting with just 5-10 minutes each morning and each night. This will create space within your life.

From here, you can decide what you wish to do. Some high achievers prefer to meditate for over an hour each day, but you only need to start with 5-10 minutes to reap the rewards.

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