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What Is the Third Eye..?

The Ajna chakra, known commonly as the third eye, is part of what is called "the subtle body," which means that while it can't be seen, it's considered an important force in governing how prana (energy) moves within the body. It is one of the seven chakras in Hindu tradition.

The third eye is located in the center of the forehead between the brow. It is the site of the Ajna chakra, which is associated with light, perception, and intuition.

The chakras are ancient traditions that are closely intertwined with spiritual beliefs and practices. As such, they typically don't have scientific research to substantiate them.

Ajna means "to perceive" and "to command" in Sanskrit. Intuition is a central function of the sixth chakra—it requires surrender, without which it becomes difficult to understand something in its entirety or embrace the mystery of it.

The Ajna chakra is considered beneficial for treating conditions related to perception. When the sixth chakra is balanced, it is believed that you can see things as they are without the shadow of the ego. If the third eye is misaligned, tradition holds that there may be symptoms such as headaches or migraines, dizziness, anxiety, or problems with vision or hearing.

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