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Technological Advancements are Not Limited to Recent Times Alone.

Technological advancements are not limited to recent times alone.

Greetings for the day! Ancient India did have a rich tradition of scientific and technological advancements. Contrary to popular belief that technological advancements are a recent phenomenon, there is evidence of highly developed technology in ancient eras. Hindu scriptures and stories highlight various advancements that were achieved in ancient times. These accounts challenge the perception that such progress is exclusive to modern eras. I have stumbled upon articles that propose an intriguing notion. According to these sources, technology flourished in ancient times, specifically during past eras referred to as yugas. Remarkable achievements such as Time Travel, Test Tube Babies, Drone Camera, Robots, Pacemakers, and more were reportedly developed during those periods. If you find these claims fascinating and wish to delve deeper into each topic, I suggest exploring the provided links for detailed information.

Test Tube Babies in Ancient India

The concept of the test tube baby can be traced back to the birth of Lord Balarama. Balarama, also known as Sankarshan, entered this world through a remarkable procedure. The embryo of Devaki was extracted and then implanted into the uterus of Rohini. Following a two-month gestation period, Balarama was born on the auspicious day of Shravan Purnima. His name, Sankarshan, signifies his unique extraction from another's womb, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of his birth. For additional information, kindly access the following link for more details Click here.

The existence of Ancient Indian robots and Drone cameras in the Ancient era

Barbareek, a formidable warrior who existed 5000 years ago during Lord Krishna's era, stood apart from others due to his unique nature. Unlike humans, Barbareek possessed extraordinary abilities akin to that of a god. He possessed immense strength, effortlessly wielding multiple weapons simultaneously. Additionally, he exhibited lightning-fast problem-solving skills in mathematics. However, Barbareek's speech was slow, and he struggled with recognizing faces. It was clear that his intelligence was not human-like; rather, it was attributed to artificial intelligence. For more detailed information about Barbareek and his remarkable characteristics, please visit the link provided. details Click here.

Pacemaker - The Mystical Heart of Shree Krishna

The wooden statue of Jagannath, the Lord of the universe, conceals an enigmatic secret. Deep within its structure lies a fixed-size chamber that contains a mysterious heart. A fascinating custom surrounds this idol, mandating the replacement of the entire statue with a fresh wooden idol every 12 years. This ritual is deemed necessary as the heart within gradually impairs the wood over time, resulting in the weakening and disintegration of the structure. The precise mechanism by which the heart damages the wood remains shrouded in mystery. For a more comprehensive understanding of this intriguing phenomenon, I encourage you to explore the provided link. Click here.

Time Travel and Space Travel in ancient days

The ancient text called Bhagavata Purana not only describes Time Travel but also the concept of Time Dilation accurately, even though we think that Albert Einstein was the first person to clearly understand this. According to the text ‘Bhagavata Purana”, a king and his daughter make an interstellar journey to see Lord Brahma who lives on a different planet. They had to wait for a short while before meeting Lord Brahma, and when the King talks about the issues he is currently facing on earth, Lord Brahma begins to laugh loudly and explains that that time runs differently on different planes of existence. To explore this fascinating topic in more detail, I recommend referring to the provided link for further information and insights. Click here.

I would be grateful for your valuable insights and comments regarding this article. Additionally, if you have any further information to contribute, please feel free to share it. Your input is highly appreciated.

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   Technological Advancements are Not Limited to Recent Times Alone., May 21 2023
Reviewer: GY3

Yes, many of the advanced technologies we utilize today, such as drone cameras ,robot, test tubes babies, have their roots in ancient times. Throughout history, various civilizations developed and employed similar concepts. For instance, what was once known as the Pushpaka Vimanam in ancient texts can now be likened to the modern airplane. Similarly, the term "Sarogassy" refers to Panduraja, who served as the foster-father of the five Pandava brothers in ancient tales.

It's remarkable how advancements in technology have evolved over time while still drawing inspiration from the past.

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