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Babies have logical reasoning even before age one: Study

Infants are capable of deductive problem solving as early as 10 months of age, says a new study. "We found that within the first year of life, children can engage in this type of logical reasoning, which was previously thought to be beyond their reach until the age of about four or five years," said lead author Stella Lourenco from the Emory University in the US.

The researchers designed a non-verbal experiment using puppet characters.

The experiment created scenarios among the puppets to test transitive inference, or the ability to deduce which character should dominate another character, even when the babies had not seen the two characters directly interact with one another.

A majority of the babies in the experiment, who were of ages 10 to 13 months, showed a pattern consistent with transitive inference.

"Everybody knows that babies learn rapidly, like little sponges that soak in incredible amounts of knowledge," Lourenco stated.

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