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Put lemons in a glass jar, fill it with water, screw lid tight. Refrigerate. Change water every 3rd day. Lemons stored this way will keep good for almost a month.
Mixer and Blendr
Half fill blender with water, add a few drop of mild detergent, and run the mixie for a few seconds. Rinse with water and wipe. This will clean the mixie of any residual particles stuck under the blades or in the grooves.
Keep is whole cardamom or clove in the mouth to subside the sensation of vomitting.
The art of making good naan khatais lies in beating of the mixture till it becomes light and fluffy. Also only vanaspati should be used to make them.
Keep pan in which any vegetables are cooked, covered, after taking off fire, aside, for a few minutes. This will help the vegetable absorb the juices in. This also allow the hot vessel to blend the flavours slowly, to make the vegtable better, generally.
If curds have become too sour to eat as is, tie as above for 3-4 hours, add milk and use in raitas, curd rice, etc.
Scrape coconut shells clean with sand paper. Make their surfaces smooth by rubbing Sand paper, and make decorative bowls, ladles, etc. by painting, varnishing and Decorating with beads, shells, etc.
Cut a small piece of the base of flower stalks each day, and add a capsule contents of B complex to the vase water, to make cut flowers last longer.
Never add pineapple as is, to jellies, etc. since it will not set well and taste bitter too. Always Boil in a little sweetened water, and drain, or use canned fruit (if you must).
Use tissue papers for reheating fried snacks. Eg. samosa, vada, kachori, bhajji, etc. The paper will absorb the excess oil and moisture and keep the snack crisp. Reheat on high for 1-1 1/2 minute.
To ease the pouring of sauces in narrow necked bottles, use a funnel, holding it just above the top, stem inside, but not resting on the bottle. This way the air inside the bottle will easily pass out, while the suace is flowing in. It will not cause blockages and choking of the funnel. If bottom of funnel stem is so narrow as to block flow, snip off a small portion.
After bananas have ripened, store in the refrigerator to help slow down ripening. The skin will turn dark brown, but this does not damage the fruit inside.
Instead of folding and hanging delicate organzas and tissue sarees, request you dhobi to roll them on a textile roll Wooden stick. This way they will not cut or tear at the folded creases for long unused sarees.
When cutting hard vegetables like potatoes, beetroots or carrots, put them in the microwave oven before cutting them into slices. They will be much easier to cut.
Add a few drops of limejuice and a tsp. of ghee to rice before boiling to separate each grain.
Make bread crumbs from toasts and store some in the fridge. They come in
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