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Do not Stop your Kids to explore the experiments in Kitchen

Most of the parents tell their children to stay out of the kitchen until it is time to eat. But I was surprised when I knew that kitchen can also be a good learning place for children. Learning in kitchen can be interesting and enjoyable also.

One thing should be remembered it is always under your supervision if they're unsupervised they can harm themselves.

Children learn themselves as well as they also help you in many ways. You can involve them in various small things like peeling of garlic and onion, Husking corn, scrubbing of raw vegetables etc. It saves your time also.

Children develop healthy eating habits in this way because they eat happily which they prepared themselves. So help them to make healthy snacks, soups, juices. They will learn which type of food is good and bad.

Always remind your child to wash hands before cooking. In this way he will learn good hygiene.

Kitchen fun is one of the best ways to improve their thinking skills. In kitchen they practice estimating, measuring, counting etc. they will learn science and math in this way.

Children also know about the various occasions. Your child will learn what food you prepare for special days and family events. In this way he will learn traditions or culture of family.

Most importantly make it fun, and give your child an opportunity to explore the experiments and ask questions.

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