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Samskaraas of Hindu Dharma in Garuda Purana

The author of the Garud Puran is Navanidhirama, who is the son of Sri Hari Narayana. One of the remarkable aspects of the teachings found in the Garuda Purana is its exploration of the life that awaits after death. However, it goes beyond that and delves into the topics of death itself, its consequences, rebirth, and the profound journey of the soul. These teachings are particularly intriguing since even science struggles to unravel the enigma of death.

There are two parts of Garud Puran. The first part mentions the methods of devotion and worship associated with Vishnu. The second part of the Garud Puran gives a detailed description of the Rakshasha era.

The practice of observing the 16 Samskaaras holds great importance in Hindu Dharma. These include Garbhadhaan, Punsavan, Simantonayan, Jatkarma, Naamkaran, Nishkramana, Annprashan, Chaul, Vidyarambh, Karnavedh, Upnayan, Vedarambha, Keshani Samskar, Samavartan, Vivah, and Antyesthi. The Garuda Purana serves as a comprehensive guide, covering every aspect of life's journey from birth to the realms beyond death.

Here is a brief story that highlights the power of the Garuda Purana through the encounter of Kashyapa Muni and Takshak:

According to the legend of Garud Puran, King Parikshit was bitten by Takshak Nag snake due to the curse by a rishi, and he found Rishi Kashyapa on the way. Takshak Nag changed his disguise and asked a sage disguised as a Brahmin, where are they going so impatiently? The sage told that Takshak Nag Maharaj is going to bash Parikshit, and will remove the effects of their poison to give them life again.

Hearing this, Takshak introduced himself and asked him to return. Takshak told Kashyap ji that no person has survived till today due to the effects of my venom. Then Kashyapa said that with the power of his mantras, he would remove the poisonous effect of King Parikshit. On this, Takshak said that if this is the case then you should make this tree green.

When Takshak burnt the tree and incinerated it, Kashyapa burnt his mantra on the ashes of the tree and upon seeing it, the new buds burst out of that ash and in no time the tree became green again.

Surprised by this miracle of sage Kashyapa, Takshak asked for what reason he wanted to do good to the king? The sage said that he would receive a large amount of money from there. Takshak, finding a solution, sent him back with more money than what he was expecting. According to Garud Puran, this influence and power of Kashyapa Rishi increased after listening to Garud Puran.

This story exemplifies the profound and influential teachings present within the Garuda Purana.

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   Samskaraas of Hindu Dharma in Garuda Purana, Jul 03 2023
Reviewer: Sahithi

I would be grateful if you could create a detailed article focusing on the various samskaras, excluding the ones related to the journey after death.

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588 of 1176 people found the following review helpful:

   Samskaraas of Hindu Dharma in Garuda Purana, Jul 03 2023
Reviewer: GY3

Contrary to popular belief, the Garuda Purana is not limited to the exploration of the journey after death and the punishments that await. It delves into a broader spectrum of topics, offering valuable insights into various life samskaras. By doing so, it dispels misconceptions and allows for a deeper comprehension of this ancient text.

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