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Swami Vivekananda, a Bengali intellect, is responsible for introducing the practice of yoga and meditation to the people of Chicago, where his ideas were seen as new and revolutionary.


Male yoga practitioners are known as 'yogis', female practitioners are known as 'yoginis'.


72% of yoga practitioners are women.


Silver Can Keep You Warmer In Winters.


Silver can make it rain - The compound silver iodide has been used for cloud seeding, to cause clouds to produce rain and try to control hurricanes.


Your IQ stays the same throughout your life.


Babies exposed to classical music end up smarter - The truth is… Although it’s tempting to believe, there is no evidence to support the idea that playing classical music to a baby can make the baby smarter.


The color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton - Around 1665 Isaac Newton used a prism to turn white light into a rainbow and identified seven colors. He felt the last color, indigo, was a recurrence of the first color, red and decided to arrange the colors in a circle.


Yellow and red together make you hungry - Fast food chains figured this out years ago and use this color combination over and over in branding, advertising and restaurant decor.


Did you know Agra was not supposed to be the actual site for Taj Mahal? Earlier, Taj Mahal was to be built in Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh) where Mumtaz died during the childbirth. But unfortunately, Burhanpur couldn’t supply enough white marble and so the final decision was taken to build the Taj Mahal in Agra which has now become a popular domestic tourist attraction in Agra.


The foundation of Taj Mahal would have collapsed if it wasn’t on the Yamuna Bank. Yes, Taj’s foundation is made of timber which is not supposed to be long-lasting. So you can picturise well that the wood must have weaken over the period of time but it is because of the Yamuna River that the wood is kept strong and moist till date.


John Adams Was the First President to Live In the White House.


July 4th is not the real American Independence Day. It is actually July 2nd because this is when the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia actually voted to approve a resolution of independence. July 4th, though, is when the Congress adopted the official Declaration of Independence, and most didn't even sign that until August.


Everyone knows the nursery rhyme "Mary Had A Little Lamb," but you probably didn't know this was based on true story. Her name was Mary Sawyer. She was an 11-year-old girl and lived in Boston and one day was followed to school by her pet lamb. In the late 1860s, she helped raise money for an old church by selling wool from the lamb.


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian - Despite what you may believe, the last queen of Egypt wasn't born in Egypt. As best as Historians can tell, Cleopatra VII (that's her formal name) was Greek. She was a descendant of Alexander the Great's Macedonian general Ptolemy.


During the Renaissance in Venice, noblewomen and courtesans wore special platform shoes, called chopines, that were up to 20 inches tall. As women risked falling down in the street, a law was passed there to limit heels to 3 inches, although shoemakers ignored it. When commoners started wearing heels, their height was regulated according to the status of the wearer: no more than 1/2 an inch for those on the lower end of the social strata!


The first high heels were actually boots. In the 10th century in Persia, they were worn by calvary men who discovered that a tall heel hooked securely around a saddle stirrup and made for easier riding. Those in the midst of battle could hang on to their horses for protection without falling off.


The first heels appeared 400 years ago.


Those born blind experience dreams involving things such as emotion, sound and smell rather than sight.


It’s not uncommon for deaf people to use sign language in their sleep.

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