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Hanuman Chalisa - An Ancient Prayer Predicts distance from Earth to Sun

Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Gosvami Tulasidasa. He was a great devotee of Lord Ramachandra who lived in the 16th century. He composed the Rama-Charita-Manasa, the epic story of Lord Rama retold in the vernacular language. Many devotees regularly recite Hanuman Chalisa, a prayer glorifying Shri Hanuman, composed by this great saint and poet.

It is believed that in one of these verses of Hanuman Chalisa, Tulasidasa had given an accurate calculation of the distance between the Sun and Earth.

Tulasidasa recounts incident in Hanuman Chalisa as follows:

yuga-sahasra-yojana para bhanu

leelyo tahi madhura phala janu

It does mean that Hanuman has travelled a far distance such as Yug x Sahasra x Yojana to meet Bhanu, the sun thinking it to be a sweet fruit. Now, the terms Yug, Sahasra, Yojana are the words which determine the distance Hanuman has traveled to meet the Sun. The ancient Indian scriptures have given names to distances, weights, and numbers up to a huge extent that the modern day people can never imagine.

Here the distance he traveled is mentioned as yuga-sahasra-yojana. Let us try to decipher this.

What is a yuga

According to the calculation presented in Hanuman Chalisa

Distance between Sun and Earth = 12000 x 1000 yojanas = 96 million miles = 153.6 million kms, which is much closer to the calculation of the modern scientists.

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