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What is secret behind Sai Baba's popularity?

By...Guduru VenkataRamanaiah, Siddhaguru in India:

I am answering this question as I believe that your intention is about Shirdi Saibaba popularity…

Saibaba is the powerful Yogi. He is the complete incarnation of the formless-Lord Shiva.

Incarnation of a deity is of two types:

Partial Incarnation (Amshavatar) and Complete Incarnation (Poornavatar)

An incarnation who possesses divine powers, who is omnipotent, who is omniscient is complete incarnation and contrary to it is a partial incarnation.

For instance, Lord Srirama and Lord Srikrishna are incarnations of Lord Vishnu. If you examine the lives of Lord Srirama and Lord Srikrishna, you will understand the definitions of these incarnations.

Likewise Siddhagurus incarnations (Enlightened Gurus) are of two types.

Partial Incarnation (Amshavatar)

Complete Incarnation (Poornavatar)

Shirdi Saibaba is the guru samrat of all gurus. He is the real meaning for the word Guru acclaimed by Guru Gita. He is the complete incarnation.

He is a unique guru and a unique preacher. The omniscience exhibited by Shirdi Saibaba was not exhibited by anyone in the four-age cycle (all yugas).

No one can popularize Shirdi Saibaba as he can popularize himself.

Shirdi Saibaba declared that even if his devotee was beyond the seven seas he would drag him to Shirdi in the manner as tying a thread to the sparrow’s leg and dragging it. If my devotee prays to me, then I shall be by his side. This is the secret behind the Shirdi Saibaba popularity.

If a person becomes devotee of Shirdi Saibaba, he has become with the will of Shirdi Saibaba only. This is the hidden secret behind his popularity.

All preachers who are propagating the glory of Shirdi Saibaba are the pawns of Shirdi Saibaba. The more you surrender the more you enjoy his bliss.

I Never Neglect You,But Protect You at All Times Shirdi Sai Baba

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