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This new handbag has a button to help you escape awful dates

It was only a matter of time before someone invented a smart handbag. Today, Tracey Hummel officially debuted her luxury handbag label Bee & Kin, fusing two seemingly different worlds-fashion and tech-together. Her bags (there are five distinct styles along with tiny pouches) are all equipped with two unique buttons: a built-in flashlight and a button that connects to your phone. It's the second that's pretty genius.

Via your phone's bluetooth, the bag's smart button connects to an app called Flic, which you use to program all the various functions you want your button to be able to execute, like ordering an Uber or sending a text message. It can also make your phone ring, which means you can now get away from that bad date without begging your bestie to call you with a fake emergency halfway through. The luxury bags range from £400 to £570 and, while they are driven by tech, they still feel feminine and wearable to fashion lovers.

Growing up, Hummel always had one foot in tech (her dad worked in the space and she studied a mix of entrepreneurship and computer information systems in college) and one foot in fashion, specifically production and design. Prior to launching her own brand, she worked at Tory Burch as a production assistant.

"Ever since I was a little girl [designing my own handbags] was what I wanted to do," Hummels says. "After college, I went into the fashion/corporate world to get a better understanding of how everything worked in order to eventually bring my brand, Bee & Kin, to life." In fact, two of the bags in her line, the sidekick and hero tote, were the very first designs she sketched back in high school. "It's so exciting to have those come to life after many years," she shares.

Having let those ideas simmer for so long, it's clear everything Hummel does is intentional, not accidental-from the bag's smart buttons to its structural design and spandex lining (to protect your gear) to even the brand's name: Her last name, Hummel, when translated from German, means bumblebee. All the accessories feature a hexagon shape-a honeycomb, if you will. "This is all pretty much a nod to my heritage and upbringing," she says. "The honeycomb is a reminder of my family's hardworking background."

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