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Yoga Day

We often keep on trying many artificial ways to help ourselves in fighting the aging process; don't pay heed to the natural method of keeping ourselves young and energetic. Yoga is something that has amazingly incredible benefits with regards to helping you look young.

Astonishingly practicing Yoga everyday alone can make you look and feel 10 years younger than your original age. And, the great thing is that anyone can start practicing Yoga at any age and at any point in time. Not only it works on your physical health, but yoga can have great influence on the mental state of the person thereby retaining a person's inner innocence and the child like thing. This in turn makes one look younger because more than half of things that we experience in our lives are because of our thoughts.

Yoga brings about energy and enables us to experience the natural rather than the artificial once. There are a variety of benefits with regards to aging that we must be aware of. Read below to find a few of those yoga benefits…

1. Keeps your Body at Stable State

Your body will start keeping in stable condition once you will start practicing yoga. By keeping yourself stable you can take control of proper movement in your body. As we grow older our physical body starts to diminish the ability to maintain the balance in body and chances of falling and getting injured starts increasing.

But, when one start doing Yoga, our body regains strength and our muscles gets strengthened. Yoga also increases flexibility, muscle control and most importantly we become more aware of our body. It brings in peace and serenity inside the body making us mentally and physically sound and well. You get control of the movements of your body and that in turn makes you feel younger.

2. Corrects your Body Posture

Yoga helps in making your body more extensible and it acts as a way of stretching your body's joints, muscles and also stretches the spine and thereby it corrects the body posture. Yoga helps in increasing flexibility in the body and that makes our body less prone to injuries and also we become more able to handle stress in the nicest way.

Performing yoga helps in diminishing the amount of lactic acid stored in our body muscles and it also releases soreness thereby increasing flexibility. The movements of yoga bring about balance and harmony in the body. There are a number of Yoga poses that increases flexibility in the body thereby helping in fighting the process of aging.

3. Builds up strength of muscles

If you will keep on doing yoga regularly the strength of your muscles with gradually increases without causing any harmful thing to happen. The muscles of a yoga practitioner will begin appearing the way it looks of a person who goes to the gym regularly. Yoga comes up with different postures that will help in building strength in the body, toning the body, making improvements and it also helps in improving bone density in the body.

The different postures and adaptations, build up muscle strength, toning them up, fighting fat in the body, raising metabolism improving bone density as well. Yoga helps in making various types of lifts in the body and that is the reason that a person who performs yoga everyday will have the body same as that of the person who does gym. And, that helps in making your body look like that of a young person.

4. Helps in breathing

Life is all about breathing and that has to be a free flowing process! We start with our lives by breathing. In the entire lifetime, a person respires for about billions of times. Both the body and the mind have a very harmonious connection and one works in cognizance of others. If you can maintain a well balanced breathing in your body, there would always be some positive changes taking place in your body.

Performing yoga relieves us from stress by creating activation in our nervous system. Apart from that it betters digestion, lowers inflammation, reduces the level of acidity and that all also helps in reducing any chances of cancer. Yoga helps in making you feel livelier and brings about love for life by helping us breath properly and thereby enabling us to be more active and think younger.

5. Increases alertness in the body

As we grow older we keep losing alertness in the body and bin that case Yoga helps. Alertness helps in fighting aging because we get more and more alert about whatever is happening around and that helps in protecting ourselves from getting injured.

Older people get more vulnerable to getting injuries by falling and that make them prone to fractures and other physical injuries. Performing yoga therefore makes older people alert thereby helping them keep themselves at bay from getting injuries or fractures.

Yoga has a number of benefits and it enhances the power of concentration and brings the body in more of the alert state helping us to understand everything happening in the surrounding more precisely. Also, it helps maintain balance between the body and the mind thereby enabling us to comprehend everything properly.

Postures :

Increasing flexibility:

Child, mountain, bridge, wall, plank, downward Dog are some among the Yoga poses that help in increasing flexibility in the body.

Strengthening muscles

Yoga poses like that of triangle, downward dog, extended side angle, warrior, pigeon, reclined spinal twist etc will help in helping you in fighting aging.

Powerful breathing

Abdominal breathing techniques, alternative nostril breathing, Equal breathing, progressive relaxation are among some respiring techniques of yoga to help in seamless breathing.

Increasing alertness

Warrior 2, tree pose and other breathing exercises helps in making us become more alert and become aware about the surrounding.

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