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Evil Eye-Drishti

The drishti is caused by the negative and evil thoughts that are directed towards us by other people. When people are jealous at our growth in life, at our prosperity, our good looks etc., they do not have to physically abuse, but their subconscious mind which has those thoughts radiates the negativity towards us.

Drishti results in:

1. Uneasiness

2. Lack of interest

3. Sudden illness

4. Prolonged illness (without any reason).

Reason for Dristhi:

The life force or the Prana, flows around us in the form of aura. There are four layers of aura that flows around our body; they are Physical aura, mental aura, emotional aura and spiritual aura. When the flow is blocked, disturbed or restricted by the negative energy, it causes ill-effects. This aura can be disturbed by the acceptance of the negative emotions and thoughts whether consciously or unconsciously. Our body is believed to be resting 7 main chakras which are positioned along the central line of the back and front of our body. This chakra spins and swirls with the energy that flows around us. This chakra creates a flow of energy between our physical, emotional and spiritual levels. When certain part of the body is ill or any organ dysfunction, it is because the chakra in that particular position is affected by the negative flow of energy.

When people direct their negative thought patterns to us, invariably our physical aura attracts that negative energy and starts to attract negative happenings in our life.

Drishti Remedies:

There are many types of Drishti. Each one has their own remedy.

Drishti Type


Negativity around the person, new automobiles

Take rock salt or pumpkin or Burn camphor or Red Chilies and rotate anticlockwise and clockwise thrice around the person, family or automobile.

Distress by enemies, A person possessed by an evil spirit and horoscope planets.

keep Lord Narasimha's photo in your house entrance and workplace

Destroy evil eye on your House

A portrait of Kandhrishti Ganapathy has to be hung at the entrance of your house. Also Tie lemon with red cillies and hang in front of the house.The below mantra can be chanted 16 times daily.

Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Gloum

Gum Ganapathaye Vaaranamukhe

Sarvaarishtaan Vaaraya Vaaraya Om Svaahaa

Evil eye on the infant

wear black spots on their cheeks

When to perform Drishti?

Drishiti can be done on Thursdays, Sunday, on Pournami and Amavasya day.

Regularly performing these remedies can help the person to cast away his/her negative energy, which could not only be the cause of others evil thoughts but one’s own train of negative thoughts.

Who to perform Drishti?

Only an elder person can do the Dhristi parhara for a younger person and not the vice versa.

During the time of pregnancy, the lady is not supposed to see this performance, since her energy will be more susceptible to the environment and she could attract negativity that is thrown away by others energy.

After the procedure, the dristi remover should wash her legs and hands before entering the home.

Drishti Process:

Salt can be considered as the first antibiotic it would less affect the magnetic field.

some fruits like lemon, pumpkin and coconut have the capacity to absorb negative energy.The salt and lemon when revolved around, it would kill all the bacteria around the person. It forms an aura layer of antibiotics around the person.


Take a palmful of rocksalt, do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before the person for whom drishti is to be removed.Pour the salt in nearby fire place or where no one goes.


Take a lemon do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before the persons for whom drishti is to be removed.

The dristi remover should take the lemon outside and should smash the lemon in the two pieces with her left leg and one piece should be put to her left and other should be put to her right.

Also broom stick can be used to do this process.


A small portion has to be cut and put some coins and apply sindhur. Place camphor over the melon and light it. Then rotate around the person or the whole family, clock wise and anticlockwise for about 3 or 21 times. Also coconut can be used in the same way.

Red Chilies

The mixture of crystal salt, pepper seeds and red chili is taken and rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise before the person and ask them spit in the mixture, and then thrown into the fire.

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