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Team Karma’s Valentine’s event Enters its 10th year
Date: Jan 23 2020 Submitted By:   Admin

The passionate, persistent and powerful volunteer team of Amar Karma Health & Wellness Awareness are exited for their annual venture to be stepping into its double-digit years. Give A Heart event is taking place on the evening of February 1st, 2020 at Speranza Banquet Hall in Brampton. Organized solely by a group of volunteers, the annual Give A Heart gala is a Valentine's Day Celebration with a unique perspective.

“Give a Heart” started in 2011, when the pioneers of the Karma Network decided to express a more meaningful take on celebrating Valentine’s Day. The new Karma concept was about expressing love and care towards humanity, by highlighting some of the simplest ways to make a difference.

The first gala took place in 2011 at Shingar Banquet Hall in Brampton, where a group of young adults turning 16 proudly announced on stage that they had signed up to become registered organ & tissue donors. The legacy of the segment at annual ‘Give a Heart’ called Special 16 carries on, stepping into a new decade. Messages of expressing love towards others are portrayed in the most engaging ways in segments such as the ‘1-Minute Advocate Challenge’ where young ambassadors choose a topic to depict in their medium of choice.

At the gala, besides dinner and dancing, couples mark this day by pledging to become umbilical cord donors. Ambassadors share their stories and commit to spreading love all year. They may choose to participate by growing out their hair, donating blood or advocating for any one of the simplest gestures of expressing love towards others. The gala sees more than 400 guests each year, mostly families. The event is entirely organized by volunteers - receiving recognition from all levels of government and notable community leaders throughout the years.

Beyond just fun and entertainment, Give A Heart is an event that offers youth an opportunity to delve deeper into causes that are important to humanity and consider their impact. The gala also offers its volunteers recognition and an outlet to perform their best talents and practice newer ones such as public speaking, organizing, management and strategic execution of plans that take a course of several months.

URL: www.amarkarma.org

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