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Temples that lie in a straight line

There are many, many phenomena that science can’t currently explain for purely practical reasons: they’re too difficult or dangerous or expensive to investigate. But there is no genuine phenomenon we know of which can’t be explained in principle by science.

Science has failed to tell us about this temple. Its architecture is surrounded by question marks but we can not deny what is visible. Science have claimed so many things, very often people put question marks on Indians on the basis of science, questioning Indians and their rituals and call us superficial.

Science has failed to tell us the date when this temple was built . Many scientists have tried their hands and failed.

This is kailash temple. Situated in Aurangabad, built by Rashtrakuta Dynasty as a temple for Lord Shiva and was supposedly designed to mimic Mount Kailash. The pyramidal structure of the main temple is said to represent the shape of Mount Kailash.

Its nearly impossible to build this temple with the help of today’s knowledge of science and architecture. It will take more that 100 years today where as it was build in just 16 years. This temple of Lord Shiva The Kailasa temple in Ellora caves (the whole area) is carved out of a single rock! That’s right. All of it, was a singular stone at a point, which was hollowed out into what we know as the Kailasa Temple. I am not even going to go into the amount of effort and perseverance that would have taken.

The sculpture of Ravana trying to lift Mount Kailash is a definitive landmark in Indian Architecture. There are multiple sculptures around, and like the sign at the entry says, each of them have a definitive legacy.

Archaeology is a tough subject. It becomes all the more daunting when you have verifiable facts like the number of types of chisels actually used to carve this megalith- three! It is also believed that more than four hundred thousand tons of rock were scooped out to build the Kailasa temple in Ellora caves. It is larger in area than the Parthenon in Greece.

The 3 temples, SriKalahasti, Ekambareswarar and Chidambaram are actually aligned to each other in form of a straight line. The map present above, throws light on this mystery. These temples are nowhere close each other and yet the engineers and builders of ancient India managed to build them in such a manner

Sugali Mata Temple, Auwa,Rajasthan

Well, you can see two identical idols of the same god in the picture above. The only difference is one of them is tilted to the left while the other seems to be following its neighbour.it is said that if anyone today, tried to replace the old idol, he or she would fall sick. The only fix for their ailment would be returning the old idol. If anyone added another idol there, it would too have its head tilted towards left

Temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri

Not one but many mysteries surround this temple, the answers to which are yet to be found. Mysteries like, the flag on the summit which waves against the wind, the absence of any birds flying over the temple and the fact that the main shikhara of the temple never throws a shadow

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