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    Husband sent an sms to wife:
    thanks for making my life wonderful and being a part of my life. What ever
    i am is only because of u, u r my angel thanks for coming in my life and making
    it worth living. You're great.
    She replied that sms: pee li na ? Ab chup chap ghar aa jao.. Daro...more
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    The struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wise! Happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time. sherodtrevon
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    Always take care to cover vessel with a loose lid, while boiling chillies, garlic and other such pungent condiments. The smell tends to permeate the house. Keep the kitchen exhaust on and windows wide open, as an added precaution.
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    Lion was India’s national animal till 1972. In 1973, tiger was re-notified as India’s national animal.
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