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Butter Milk - North and South Indian styles
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Drinks
Main Ingredient: Youghurt, Salt
Servings: 2 Drinks
Time to Prepare: 5 Minutes
Diffculty: Easy


Coriander leaves 1 springs
Cumin seeds Powder as needed
Curry leaves 1 springs
Green chilly 1-2
Salt 1-2 tsp
Youghurt 1 cup


South India Butter Milk
Take green chillies chopp finely or crush,ginger chopp,curry leaves,coriander leaves chopped.

Dry tost cumin seeds and with roallingpin make powder.

In blender add curd water blend pour in a bowl add salt as per taste mix well then add green chillies, ginger, curry, coriander leaves chopped mix well. This is south indian butter milk.

North indian butter milk
Take a glass add cumin powder,chat masala,add butter milk mix well then top it of with some more cumin powder.

Nutritional info

Butter milk is low in fat and is very good beverage to have in summer.

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