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Butter is best kept in the refrigerator, but as it easily absorbs other flavours, it should be well wrapped and kept away from strong smelling foods.
Better rhubarb - Add flavour to rhubarb by cooking it with left over juice syrup from canned fruit, such as peaches, pears, and apricots.
Silver ornaments
Dip silver ornaments like toerings, payals, etc., in the curd whey got from hanging sour curds. Wash with soap after an hour or two, for a clean sparkling look.
While cooking ladyfingers (okra) add a few drops of lemon juice or a spoonful of yogurt to avoid becoming sticky.
Wet burnt pans/vessels with water till burnt portion if fully moist and place the pan/vessel upside down for 10-15 minutes - tilt and clean normally.
To make an easy muslin pouch: Take 2 consecutive corners of a rectangular piece of cloth and knot together tightly. Repeat for other 2 ends. Hold like a hammock shape, pour in the curd and use the knots to hang the pouch. Halfway, close the opening with a plain clothesline clip. Hand on a hook or tap easily.
Apply colourless nail varnish to names on switches, jars, etc. to avoid there rubbing off with repeated use. Take care to apply a very thin even layer.
Mosquitoes #1
Keep mosquitoes at bay by lighting the following: An incense stick dipped in baygon spray and dried.
Cleaning inside an iron - Turn the iron on, pour vinegar in the water hole, and fill it up. Once the iron is hot, push the stream button four or five times. All built-up grit and grime will then be removed. Finally, empty the vinegar from the iron and rinse well with water.
Tiny tots - Tip
Stick a strip of medicated plaster under the sole of your childs new shoes. He will not slip on a slippery floor.
If just a few drops of lemon juice are required do not cut whole lemon. Roll lemon on a hard surface to soften the skin, prick a hole with a cocktail or skewer. Press out required drops. Leave a toothpick in the hole or wrap it in a piece of foil. This will keep it from drying out.
Add a handful of puffed rice to leftover tomato vegetable. Mix well, heat a little, and serve as a tasty snack, after garnishing with chopped coriander.
When very finely chopped greens or chillies etc. are required in a recipe, use a pair of sharp Scissors instead of a knife. The job will be made faster, more efficient and safe to cut.
Storing flour in an airtight container and refrigerating it doubles their storage time.
Coconut milk when kept overnight in the fridge forms a white layer on top. This layer can be used as fat instead of oil for frying mutton or chicken.
Immerse rusty curtain rings in hot vinegar for two hours. Wash off with water and wipe dry. The rings will look new.
To chill any water based drink (like thandai, juices) use chilled water or crushed icecubes while making, so that chilling time can be drastically reduced.
Rub a piece of lime (used) inside the lunch box to get rid of strong odours (like garlic) before rinsing off.
Add contents of a capsule of b complex to the water in your vase to make the flowers last longer.
Replace sweets and candy with a few dry fruits like almonds, etc. for after lunch munching. So much healthier.
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