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Blend two tablespoon honey with two tablespoon milk to make a paste. Apply over the face as well as the throat and let it remain for ten minutes. Wash it off with warm water.  
Daily massage or a facial sauna could create real magic in the skin.  
Usage of the moisturizer should be a peculiar motion and it should be applied in an upward circular motion each every time you use it.  
For the real glowing effect mashed avocado could be used.  
For pregnant women gruel of rice with milk, ghee and sugar is good and nutritious.
White flesh of coconut is healthy for the mother and the fetus.
The coconut water or milk consumed is beneficial if taken with mixed sugar, turmeric and saffron.
Ghee extracted from cow milk taken regularly is good forpregnant women.
Pregnant women must drink a lot of milk and coconut water.
Sandal wood paste proves to be effective in tan removal. Rose water can also be used to cope up with sun tan.
Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and can be used in case of extreme tan. It is a means to be used with extreme cautiously and under expert supervision
One can gently rub baking soda on the part of the body affected by tan. This is indeed a remedy to tan that works.
Tan Always remember to drink lots of water all sip other drinks. This will help in keeping the body hydrated and will shield you to a great extent from the adverse effect of the sun.
Get a head massage Massaging your scalp for a few minutes daily will help stimulate circulation. Good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Circulation may be improved through massage by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base.
Natural juices You can rub your scalp with either garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it on overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning.
Hot oil treatments Take any natural oil - olive, coconut, canola - and heat it up so that it is warm, but not too hot. Massage it gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then shampoo your hair.
Only a good diet can give healthy hair other than using chemical products.
Avoid using Hair Styling Products. It may cause Hair fall Avoid using colour and re-bonding products on your hair. You sure do not want to abuse your hair chemically and damage it for the rest of your life. And keep conditioning them in every wash. Dry hair gets brittle and stops hair from growing long.
Trim your Hair for Healthy hair growth Go for that much-needed trim! Your hair stops growing permanently if you do not trim them. This is also the main reason why you get split ends. Get it trimmed real short or opt for some shorter hair style every two years to maintain a longer length in the long run.
Hair growth will only take place once the rate hair fall decreases. Many people face stress in their day to day lives and face baldness at a very early stage. Eat three meals a day and make sure that you have at least five different colours of fruits every day.
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