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Take a ‘timeout.’ Although it may seem cliché, counting to 10 before reacting really can defuse your anger.
If you are starting your interiors from scratch, you can start by choosing fabrics first and base the color of you wall from it, then you can select furniture that compliments the color of walls and the fabrics that you are going to use.
When interior designing your bedrooms, make sure the rooms are cozy and restful in appearance. Avoid bright colors like orange. Bright colors won't induce you to sleep. Neutral, pastel and warm colors are best suited for bedrooms.
To manage anger: Repeat this ‘no one can have control over me and make me angry’. This will seriously help you to calm down.
For dreadfully dry skin, use evening prim rose oil by taking about three-four milligrams per day. It takes about two weeks to show the end result.  
Angry: Do something that is physically exerting such as punching a bag, playing football etc.
When you are angry go for a long walk which controls it.
Drink some water it reduces your anger.
To manage anger:Take in deep breaths.
After a shower it is always advised to use baby oil or Vaseline all over for that greasy like feeling. 
Make a paste out of mashed apricot and warm olive oil. Apply over the face and leave for about ten minutes and then wash with water.  
Application of aloe vera gel, cod liver oil or vitamin E oil is very effective.  
Always use mild or a fragrance free soap for the charming look.  
Blend two tablespoon honey with two tablespoon milk to make a paste. Apply over the face as well as the throat and let it remain for ten minutes. Wash it off with warm water.  
Daily massage or a facial sauna could create real magic in the skin.  
Usage of the moisturizer should be a peculiar motion and it should be applied in an upward circular motion each every time you use it.  
For the real glowing effect mashed avocado could be used.  
For pregnant women gruel of rice with milk, ghee and sugar is good and nutritious.
White flesh of coconut is healthy for the mother and the fetus.
The coconut water or milk consumed is beneficial if taken with mixed sugar, turmeric and saffron.
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