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If you have added too much chilli powder in a gravy then add some curd ,lemon juice or 2 .t.s ghee in it to balance it.
Add kiwi fruit,green apple,oranges,berries or any sour or over ripe fruit to make coriander chutney more nutritious.
Add 2 tbls pickle masala, 2 tbls pickle oil and a pinch of salt in a cup of wheat flour to make delicious achari poori’s for breakfast and as a travel food.
Add 1 tbls of fruit jam in a glass of cold milk,blend well and a quick delicious fruit shake is ready for kids
If facing difficulty in rolling aloo parantha,,then add add some dry roasted gram flour or little bread crumbs in the filling,it will not come out while rolling.
Its much easier to grind small cardamom if you add some sugar to it while grinding.
Try allowing eggs to come to room temperature for one hour before placing into boiling water to help with cracking.
Use Baking Soda to Simulate Aging Keep eggs in the refrigerator for a week before boiling. If you can’t wait a week, you can mimic the aging effect by alkalizing your water. To do this, add a heaping teaspoonful of baking soda to the water as you boil your eggs and the shells will be easier to peel.
The amino acid found in eggs can help improve your reflexes.
Couple of drops of the lemon juice in Gulab Jamun syrup helps to keep the syrup from solidifying.
Aluminum foil helps keep food moist, ensures it cooks evenly, keeps leftovers fresh, and makes clean-up easy.
To bring cold eggs to room temperature quickly, you can put the whole eggs into a bowl of lukewarm water (not hot) for 30 minutes.
To check freshness of eggs, put in a bowl of waterif they sink, theyre fresh. If they float and stand on one end, theyre not.
Ingredients for cakes should be room temperature (can take out of refrigerator approximately 60-90 minutes before needed).
To prevent ice crystals from forming, cover the surface with a layer of plastic wrap or wax paper before closing the container.
Don't overfill your ice cream maker! Three-quarters full yields the best results. It might look a little empty, but trust me, if you fill the bowl up to the top, the ice cream won't aerate properly.
To knead chappattis, add 1/3 cup of warm water for 1 cup of flour approximately. To make softer chapattis, add warm milk or curd while kneading.
Do not wash asparagus before storing. Wash it just before using. To store fresh asparagus, wrap the stalks in a damp cloth and place in a plastic bag that is not airtight.
Select asparagus with stalks that are firm, crisp, and have heads that are full, tightly closed, and not discolored. Check the aroma from the bunched asparagus as it should not give off an objectionable odor. The ends of the asparagus that have been cut should be moist and fresh in appearance, not dried or cracking.
Place green fruits in a perforated plastic bag. The holes will allow air to circulate while retaining the ethylene gas that fruits produce during ripening.
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